Also Playing Tonight: Bodies of Water

Ears Will Pop & Eyes Will Blink

The band has just released its debut full-length, titled Ears Will Pop & Eyes Will Blink. It is, indeed, aptly named, an almost overwhelming blend of soaring vocals, off-kilter melodies, and the sort of mad, dancing-in-the-streets energy of a Cecil B. DeMille production number. Comparisons to Polyphonic Spree get to the intricate counterpoints, and references to Danielson Family try to pin down the explosive, spiritual energy of the record. Yet, really, Bodies of Water is its own entity, channeling the rhythmic complexity and vocal pyrotechnics of 1940s gospel quartets and the elated experimentation of Tropicalia. It’s a band of many contradictions, grounded in Christian tradition and faith, but without any overt religious references in the lyrics. It has a weird combination of outsider-ish naivety and extensive formal training.


Wed Aug 6, Cafe Montmartre, doors at 8:30, $8, 21+

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