Live Music Memories

            I am the proud offspring of a self-proclaimed hippie and a Monkees fan club member. I tell many people that I’ve had a very conflicted childhood, in the way that my father would play me Pink Floyd and Stevie Ray Vaughn, while my mother snuck in some Bee Gees and Bread. There was never a short supply of vinyl in my house and most of my childhood memories have a theme song. Like my sister and I dancing around our basement listening to Kokomo on our Sesame Street record player or waking up Sunday mornings to my dad blasting Jethro Tull. The memories that will hold a special place in my heart are those involving live music.

            My dad is a man of few words, but bring up the subject of live music and the words will fly out of his mouth. I love the tales of Pink Floyd at Camp Randall in the pouring rain, and how it didn’t even matter how hard or long it rained, the show was that incredible. Spoken memories of Robert Cray and Stevie Ray the night he passed away, and local music tales of the Clickers packing the high school auditorium. No matter how many times I had already heard the stories, I loved hearing them. It was about the expressions on my dads face as he recollected, the sly smile showing there was more to the story but only for him to know. I imagined what it would have been like to see my dad head bowed to the music, lighter in the air. Being young I had no idea what it would be like to see those bands I had heard so many times on our record player. Seeing your all-time favorite band in the flesh right in front of your eyes. And the lights, showmanship, and sounds he would tell me, were nothing like you have ever heard or seen.

            I wanted to feel the same excitement and joy that beamed from my dad. The epiphany came when I attended my first live music show. From then on I knew where that bliss came from, the bliss I had seen in my fathers eyes so many times before. Those of you who are a reflection of my soul know precisely this feeling. I felt as if I had this connection with my father that I never had before.

           I think that’s what music really is to some. A mnemonic device for certain sensations of passion we felt so long ago. Music reconnects, it excites, motivates; it is the true core of affect. Live music adds a whole other layer to these emotions. It pairs an image with sound. The memories you gather at a live event are yours to own and most importantly share.


Katie Jo Crubaugh
Public Relations Intern

2 Responses

  1. Really nice piece, Katie! My dad had a lot to do with introducing me to great music as well, and it has always been something that we’ve connected on. Cool to hear your story!

  2. Thanks Shelley! I hope others will get out to more live shows and experience the same rush!

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