Vote Alejandro Escovedo

Since all you engaged and concerned Madisonians seem to be thinking more about politics than music right now (gee, can’t understand why..) let us bridge the two cultural-political topics to ease any cognitive anxiety you may have after taking a break from the campaigning and contemplating.

This summer Texas-rocker Alejandro Escovedo performed live as part of the DNC’s nighttime program. This marked Escovedo’s first performance at the Democratic National Convention about which he said:

“These are unbalanced times, and great change is needed. To be included in this celebration of the dignity and freedom of women and minorities is an honor.”

His latest album Real Animal has been heralded as a “collaborative triumph” by Rolling Stone and “the finest album of a career already marked by impressive quality” by USA Today.

And believe or not, Alejandro performs live in Madison on Thursday, October 16 at High Noon Saloon. -Tix-

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