Monday Ticket Giveaway!

First person to request tix to either of these shows by leaving a comment specifying the band wins a guest list spot + 1.

Augustana’s follow-up album Can’t Love, Can’t Hurt, delves into modern and deeper subject matter than their first album. The touching vocals paired with melodic keys set the mood as Augustana tells their stories of making peace with religion and the sadness of leaving a loved one behind.  Normally playing arenas and large all ages venues, the High Noon Saloon will be a refreshing opportunity for fans to see the band in a comfortable and intimate setting. 
October 29 

with tba
Wednesday, October 29, 9pm 
High Noon Saloon 
$15 adv – 18+ 
ticket button 
Tickets also available at  Strictly Discs 

Halloween can be an overwhelming holiday, especially here in Madison. If you are looking to celebrate without having to don your french maid costume,The  Acorn will be performing at Cafe Montmartre.  Canada native Indie rockers The Acorn are getting noticed here in the states for up-tempo rhythms with songs containing a wide subject matter.  Their new album Glory Hope Mountain, serves as a tribute to Rolf Klausener’s mother,  which is “part biographical narrative, part surreal fairy tale that retells stories from her early life in Honduras [and] eventual immigration to Montreal” (press release).

October 31

the acorn
Friday, October 31, 9:30pm 
Cafe Montmartre
$10 adv $10 dos — 21+ 
ticket button 

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7 Responses

  1. I would love some tickets to the Augustana Show!
    I have been waiting to see them for quite some time now.

    My address is

    7118 Raymond Road # 2
    Madison Wisconsin 53719

  2. congrats Zach! Your name +1 will be on the guest list at the show!

  3. For everyone else who didn’t win this week, sign up for our newsletter for concert news and other ticket giveaways!
    Just click on newsletter icon at the top right of the page or go to

  4. Awesome! Who is opening? I see The Spill Canvas are playing with them on some dates. Any chance they are playing in Madison?

  5. Hi,

  6. Hello,
    My name is Rebecca and I was wondering if you had any Hannah Montana tickets. I have never been to one of her shows and I would love to if possibe. I looked online and the tickets are really expensive, to expensive for me to go. So if you have some free tickets for me that would be great! Thnaks a lot!

  7. Hi Rebecca- unfortunately we do not have any Hannah Montana tix for you. I’m not sure who is promoting that show but I bet there will be some radio give-ways so I would check around.

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