(Exclusive) Ingrid Michaelson & The Rosebuds Ticket Giveaway


This week to score tickets to Ingrid Michaelson or The Rosebuds, you’ve got to finish a verse of a song with your own twist. Ingrid Michaelson’s hit “The Way I Am” contains verses professing undying love and providing that love anything they need. The cute and catchy lyrics will be the foundation of this weeks ticket giveaway. 

In honor of the impending winter, to win the tickets you must finish this verse from “The Way I Am”….

     “If you are chilly, _________________”

For example, a verse in the song goes…..

  “If you are chilly, here take my sweater”

These are the make it yourself lyrics…

   “If you are chilly, go get your own jacket.”

Ok, not funny, but that just means you have to be ten times funnier to score the pair of tickets!

Check out the video below to see a live video of Ingrid changing up her lyrics to “The Way I Am.” 

You cannot use any of the changes she uses in the video. Best lyric verse will be announced at 6p.m. tonight (Nov. 10).  


November 14

the rosebuds
with special guests 
Friday, November 14, 9:30pm 
High Noon Saloon 
$10 adv $12 dos — 18+ 
ticket button 
Tickets also available at  Strictly Discs 

November 18

ingrid michaelson
with special guests
Tuesday, November 18, 7:30 pm 
Barrymore Theatre 
$16 adv $18 dos – all ages 
ticket button 

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6 Responses

  1. If you are chilly, here drink my coffee
    I’m overloaded, and really spazzy

  2. If you are chilly, go to a True Endeavors show, dance, and warm up!

  3. If you are chilly, put your hand in my mitten.

  4. 15mn left for anyone who wants to post their own version!! 🙂

  5. Congrats Susan! Your name +1 will be on the guest list for either Ingrid or Rosebud. You can post the show you would like to attend below or reply to an email that was sent to your account.

    Thanks to everyone who participated, the post were very creative! Check back next week for another chance to win tickets!

  6. If you are chilly, come in my kitchen
    I’ll make you chili, it will be bitchin

    Thanks to all who entered. Keep visiting the blog and posting comments!


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