Live Music Photo Tuesday – Eagles of Death Metal


The High Noon Saloon was the place to be Sunday night if you were in the mood for some loud, fast, heavy and yes…”sexy” rock and roll. The Eagles of Death Metal (who don’t actually play death metal…for those that haven’t heard) were very fired up, and front-man Jesse Hughes (aka Boots Electric) was in especially good spirits. It seems that EODM cracked Billboard’s Hot 100 for the first time with their new album “Heart On” debuting at #57, and Jesse…not one to believe in coincidences, gave all the credit to being in Madison when it happened. Between that and London England’s The Duke Spirit’s wonderful high energy opening set, the packed house was in a frenzy throughout this phenomenal show. Here are a few photos from EODM’s set.



009-eodm 001-eodm1


013-eodm 008-eodm


006-eodm 003-eodm

 002-eodm 005-eodm 

 All photos © Copyright 2008 Bryan Gladding

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4 Responses

  1. Yes, great show! Too bad we had to wait so long for EODM to come on. What’s up with that hour-long break between bands? People who paid good money to see them on a “school night” feel cheated and even though the show was hot, after not much sleep and following a crappy day at work, some folks might decide the next time they are NOT gonna come out.

  2. My apologies for this. We often have little control over getting the artists on stage, though I’ll be certain to forward this to the band’s tour manager and others in the EoDM camp.

    I’m a big fan of early shows on work nights, and I really do appreciate your concerns.

    After all, if the only people who come to our shows are people who don’t have to work in the morning, well, that’s a pretty limiting scenario.

    Thanks for leaving a comment! I’ll definitely be forwarding it to the band.



  3. From the pics the show looked like it was a hoot!

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