The winner of Queen of Rock is presented to…

Oh Wanda, finally you will get your due!  I mean really, for how long does a girl in rock-n-roll have to wait to receive her props?

We’ve written about this lovely legend before but we will repeat…

If you are one of the few who’ve missed out on Wanda Jackson, now is the time to listen up.  Ms. Jackson, oftentimes referred to as the first female rock-n-roll singer, and celebrated as “The Queen of Rockabilly”, toured with peers Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, and Buddy Holly.  Although she ultimately spurned Elvis’ romantic attempts, we can thank him for encouraging Jackson to shift from her country and gospel roots over to rock-n-roll.

Wanda Jackson has been appropriately nominated for two Grammys and inducted in to countless halls of fame while somehow eluding the folks at the Rock-N-Roll Hall of Fame.  That is, until now (well almost).  Much speculation and frustration has ensued over this peculiar omission, causing such musical heavyweights as Bob Dylan and Elvis Costello to publicly complain.  The status quo will change April 4th 2009 when, as her website announces, “the Queen will take her throne.”

True Endeavors has been blessed multiple times to host this ever touring performer.  Now 71 years of age, and not one to let any cultural institutions (or omissions) get in her way, Wanda still claims she’s nowhere near retirement.  Somehow we’re not surprised.

Hard Headed Woman (then)

Fujiyama Mama (now)

Wanda JacksonMySpace

Wanda Jackson LastFM

Wanda Jackson Facebook

-MJ Hecox

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  1. I think Hard Headed Woman needs to become my new themesong. Wanda is amazing!

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