Tonight: Rare Cracker Acoustic

Tonight’s Cracker show at the High Noon Saloon has spurred a bit of media attention from local outlets.  Both Rob Thomas at 77 Square and Mr. Bill at Madison Music Review found time to interview this veteran band of the alternative circuit.  Check ’em out:

77 Interview: “When Cracker does an acoustic thing — I don’t think we’ve ever done it up in Madison — it’s a little louder than some people expect,” Lowery said. “I play an acoustic guitar, but Johnny just plays his Gibson through a small amp. We want to make this less about being acoustic and quiet and more about stripping down the song down to its bare essence, the sort of crudest essence of the song.”…Read on

MMR Interview: “We come from the school of thought where if you take it TOO seriously it stops being fun. We do know how to put on a good show either with the band or just the two of us. I don’t think I would go back and change too many things other than perhaps only being involved with strong women who can handle being with a man who is gone a lot of the time.”For more

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