Music, Be Our Valentine

Here are a few of our favorite love centered vids from TE in-housers:

Nick says-


Shelley says-

Besides the fact that PJ Harvey just ROCKS anyway, I especially love this song of hers because it’s all about having the strength to stand up for yourself and demand respect in relationships.  The storyteller has obviously been hurt by someone, but that hurt doesn’t result in a grand, jaded declaration of swearing off love completely.  Instead, she’s confident that someone better is out there and she’s going to “take [her] hips to a man who cares.”  It’s completely empowering, positive and badass!  This song is as much of an anthem for those of us who are flying solo this Valentines Day as it is for happy couples who can appreciate that they found someone special.

MJ says-

This is the perfect V-Day song ’cause it’s all about loving your…friends, family, neighbors, community, oh you get it.  Reminds me of living in S. America where ALL generations celebrate together without the silly Midwestern reservations we embrace around here.  Plus, damn, it just makes me dance.  I love you too Michael.

or if you dig public radio, check out their faves:


One Response

  1. Was that the actual recording session of All You Need is Love and why was Mr Jagger hanging out? Looks like fun…kids, balloons, rock stars, and a symphony!

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