Heads Up: Free K’Naan Download on iTunes Today


True Endeavors oftentimes hosts musicians right before they break out…in just the last year or so I recall Feist at High Noon saloon, Andrew Bird at the Orpheum Stage Door, recent Grammy nominee Sara Bareilles at High Noon Saloon, oh and the list goes on.

Recently we brought through (and gave away tickets to (which nobody partook in, huh people?)) an underground hip hop artist by the name of K’Naan who is likely on that same track.  Today he is an iTunes free download, so heads up.

Download here: http://freeitunessongs.blogspot.com/2009/02/music-knaan-bang-bang.html

See pics from the recent show here:  https://trueendeavorsblog.com/2009/02/17/tuesdays-live-photosknaan/

And check out more up-and-comers here, while you can still shake their hand: https://trueendeavorsblog.com/live-music-calendar/

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  2. Heyy thankee for the free download I am saving this for later! How did the rest of you here find the guide? From what I see it seems promising! 🙂

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