Monday Ticket Giveaway Triple Threat!

Hey blog readers!  Ready for another round of ticket giveaways?  Of course you are!  This week we’ve got three great shows for you to win tickets to including one very exclusive giveaway.  Read on to find out how you can win…


Richard Shindell

Richard Shindell

Richard has a song called “Texas Ranger.”  In honor of the most famous ranger of them all, post a link to the most hilariously corny video of Chuck Norris’ Walker that you can find.  (There are TONS of great clips out there…) If you do, you and a guest could attend Richard’s show on us!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009 7pm
High Noon Saloon
$17- $20 dos – 21+

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Sound Tribe Sector 9


If you had your own Sound Tribe, how would you initiate your members?  Post your response below and you may find yourself on the guest list +1 to this big show!

Thursday, March 12, 2009 8pm Orpheum Theater
$26 — all ages

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The Broken West + Blind Pilot

The Broken WestBlind Pilot

The Broken West have a song titled “You Can Build An Island.”  If you happened to be stranded on an island, what 5 albums would you want to make sure that you had on hand to make the days a little less lonely?  Why?  Give us your list and you and a friend might get to see these two amazing bands for free!

Saturday, March 14, 2009 9:30pm Orpheum Stage Door
$10 adv – $12 dos — all ages

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As always, be creative and HAVE FUN with these ticket giveaways! We’ll announce winners based on your responses tomorrow, March 10th. Be sure to include your full name in your responses.

Also, our newsletter recipients will receive a chance this week to win tix to see the legendary Joan Baez so check those email boxes!

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7 Responses

  1. Hmm… 5 albums on a desert island to make me feel less lonely:
    1) The Who – Quadrophenia. Double-album about a guy with 4 personalities. That’s like 4 additional friends, who happen to share the same body!
    2) The Beatles – White Album. With so many different styles on one album, I could pretend each was a person I could interact with.
    3) Circulatory System – Circulatory System. With the album’s odd mass vocals, I could singalong and pretend I was in the band.
    4) Radiohead – Hail to the Thief. This would make me realize how lonely and messed up the rest of the world is, so I would feel less lonely in comparison.
    5) St. Vincent – Marry Me. I could hallucinate Annie Clark. Maybe I should do that anyway.

  2. If I had my own Sound Tribe, all of the members would have to pat their head AND rub their stomach AT THE SAME TIME before they could be initiated. What a feat that would be…

  3. If I had to initiate my own Sound Tribe, I’d require all participants to travel to the largest underground room at Mammoth Cave national Park with nothing but an iPod and the close on their back and a flashlight. I’d require them to stay underground, listening to nothing but Sound Tribe Sector 9 for 48 hours strait in the blackness and stillness of the cave until their world was turned completely upside down. Once they emerged from the cave, I would require them to do 10 jumping jacks while screaming ‘Rip it Murph’ followed by spinning around in circles until they become too dizzy and fall over. Then the process would be complete. Afterward, I would talk them out for frozen yogurt (aka fro-gurt) for being such good sports about the initiation. Welcome to Sound Tribe you little squirts!

    • Edit:
      – nothing but an iPod and the *clothes* on their back
      – Afterward, I would *take* them out for frozen yogurt

      Obviously there are no spelling requirements in my initiation…also forgot to mention that the willing participants must bring an open mind, two pairs of dancing shoes, a case of beer, and be ready to ROCK

  4. if i had my own sound tribe, i would initiate members by taking them into the amazon and making them showcase their rhythmic skills on a really sweet log drum (aka a hollowed out old tree with a ton of different branches for different tones). then, those wishing to initiate would participate in a drum-off until the best of the best had proved themselves. id imagine there would also be some sort of local “potion” involved in heightening the experience

  5. You guys are awesome! Your hilarious responses had us cracking up on this rainy day. Thanks for putting your creative minds to work and participating in the giveaway! This week’ giveaway is now closed. Winners will be notified via e-mail.

  6. Yes! Finally someone writes about warez.

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