Monday Ticket Giveway: Clem Snide and Cloud Cult

OK, blog readers, let’s get to it!  We’re giving away tix to two fantastic upcoming indie shows this week.


First up is Clem Snide. Eef Barzelay’s indie rock/alt–country outfit is slotted to play the High Noon Saloon this Thursday with Plants and Animals and The Heligoats.  Clem Snide takes its name from a recurring character in William S. Burroughs’ novels, but it’s certainly not the only tie-in to literature that music has seen.  Give us your list of band names, songs, lyrics, or albums that have been inspired by the literary world. See how many references you can find, and you might just win a  pair of tickets to Clem Snide’s show!

Thursday, March 26 9pm
High Noon Saloon $10 adv $12 dos – 18+

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If you’ve had your eye on Friday’s Cloud Cult show instead, you’re in luck!  We’re offering an exclusive giveaway for that show right here on the True Endeavors blog.  The Minneapolis-based indie rockers don’t just make great music–they’re also raising awareness on a number of environmental issues.  (Read more about Cloud Cult’s commendable green crusade here.)  In honor of the band’s environmental awareness, we’d like you to tell us what you’ve been doing, or what you resolve to start doing, to make your existence a bit easier on Mother Earth. Your response may earn tickets for you and a guest to Cloud Cult’s show! (While you’re thinking green, you might want to check this out too.)

Friday, March 27 9:30 pm
High Noon Saloon $12 adv $14 dos – 18+

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We also want to make sure that all of our blog readers know about our Recession Beater Low Dough Shows, a new live concert series we’re presenting that’s easy on your wallet.  If you missed out on this week’s giveaways, this is the next best thing!  Sub Pop recording artist Daniel Martin Moore‘s Sunday show at The High Noon is the next in this series and tickets are a steal at only 5 bucks a pop! Keep an eye out for more Recession Beater Low Dough Shows.  We’ll be adding more in the future!


As always, be creative and HAVE FUN with these ticket giveaways! We’ll announce winners based on your responses tomorrow, March 24th. Be sure to include your full name in your responses.

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8 Responses

  1. in ode to cloud cult i will do roadside clean up! i have been unemployed–and i think my family wants to see me do some volunteer work so it looks good on my resume. i have been using only public transit for the past year if that helps. i will even bike home from the event.

  2. I have realized I do many things that are good for the environment, but I do them for reasons that are completely unrelated to “going green.”

    Being a student without a car, I’ve often had to “go green” not on principle, but out of necessity. Things like walking or biking somewhere have become second nature, and it certainly makes it easier to do so when you have no other option.

    There are smaller things I have grown accustomed to doing. To save a few bucks, I found myself air-drying my laundry whenever possible during the spring and summer. Being naturally stingy has helped me to use less energy when doing laundry.

    The Madison Farmer’s Market provides a great opportunity to purchase locally grown food, which means less money is spent on products that require large amounts of energy to transport from places like South America, New Zealand, etc. So although I frequent the Farmer’s Market because it is convenient, provides extraordinary variety, and is delicious, I am also doing a little bit to help out Mother Earth.

  3. In my work environment we use a ton of paper, my department of 12 goes thru about 5 packets a day (there are 500 sheets in a packet), and there are 7 other departments of relative size who use as much if not more paper on a daily basis. One of the challenges upper management presented to my middle management team was how could we as a whole reduce our business expenses (because of the whole economy issue)? I wanted to take this one step further and not only look to reduce our expenses but also our environmental footprint. I organized a group of fellow employees and developed our “Paperless Team.” Over the first two months of the year we had researched the cost benefits associated with going paperless (as much as possible) to satisfy upper management’s request to reduce expenses. At the beginning of this month we presented our findings and were able to reduce the amount of paper we used by almost 50%, or on average 8,750 about sheets of paper a day, 3,193,750 sheets per year. This was accomplished by reissuing old computer monitors we have so that our employees could use a double monitor system, stocking two existing printers with recycled paper (paper that we already printed on one side of), and partitioning a large segment of existing databases for record keeping instead of using our traditional paper in the filing cabinet system, as well as some other minor but effective changes.

  4. Here’s a few of my fave band names (favorite names, not necessarily fan of the bands…):

    Titus Andronicus (Shakespeare)
    Uriah Heep (Dickens)
    Airborne Toxic Event (from DeLillo’s White Noise)
    Steely Dan (Burroughs)
    Modest Mouse (from a Virginia Woolf story)
    Belle and Sebastian (children’s author Cecile Aubry)

  5. I am a student as well, and I agree with much of what the second poster, the blue squid-like horned creature said as well. I think the vast majority of any student’s (or any person’s, really) transportation needs can be fulfilled by foot, bike, and bus, and I haven’t really seen the need to drive anywhere in the Madison area in my four years of living here. I would also like to add that many students take the farmer’s market for granted, but buying locally in this way is just SO much better for the environment than buying at a traditional. It’s also cheap enough for any student to take advantage of, though it’s true: getting up on saturday morning is not always an easy thing. During growing season I try to buy about 30-50% of my food each week from the market during growing season, something that is easily doable when you think about it. We are also lucky to live in an area with many green oriented businesses popping up, and if you have the money, it’s well worth it to take advantage of these. I’ve recently written a couple short articles on these (,, with more on the way. There are many more green Madison based companies to discover, and I encourage anyone interested to attend Madison’s Going Green Expo in May ( is also a brilliant resource for day to day green practices and finding out more about green products. Also, one day I would like to live in one of these ( Think of the energy savings!

    Also! Cloud cult is very much my absolute favorite band of all bands and omg I will be best friends with you if you pick me true endeavors 🙂

    Guilelessly yours,

  6. i will most definitely be riding my bike to the cloud cult show! ill even bring a huffy gang if i win a pair of tickets…

  7. Biblical references define all gospel songs and two thirds of country songs, so I figured that was cheating.

    The Velvet Underground; the name of the band is taken from a book about the s&m scene in the 1960s, apparently Lou Reed found it on the street.

    Rainer Maria (Madison Pride!) is named after Rainer Maria Rilke.

    REM’s song Seven Chinese Brothers pulls elements from a book/folktale called “Five Chinese Brothers.”

    Tom Joad from John Steinbeck’s “The Grapes of Wrath” in Bruce Springsteen’s song “The Ghost of Tom Joad” isn’t really fair.

    Suzanne Vega twists Nabokov around a bit in “Lolita.”

    The Indigo Girls song “Romeo and Juliet” is pretty obvious.

    The Smiths’ song “Shakespeare’s Sister” is (I think) based off of the Virginia Woolf essay “A Room of One’s Own.”

    The Hold Steady’s album “Boys and Girls in America” is based around a quote by Sal Paradise from Jack Kerouac’s “On the Road” and there are a number of references to the book throughout the album. Poet John Berryman gets referenced in the first song, “Stuck Between Stations” and you can see the bassist reading “The Dream Songs” in the music video for the song.

    Nelson Algren’s book “Walk on the Wild Side” spawned Lou Reed’s song “Walk on the Wild Side.”

    Paul Simon namechecks Robert Frost and Emily Dickinson in “The Dangling Conversation.”

    Th Gaslight Anthem references Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” in “That ’59 Sound.”

    The Smiths bring up Oscar Wilde, John Keats and WB Yeats in “Cemetry Gates.”

    The Police call up Nabokov again in “Don’t Stand So Close.”

    They Might Be Giants use a bit of Allen Ginsberg’s Howl in “I should be allowed to think”

    Huh. Well it’s clear what sort of references I pick up on. Perversion and poetry.

  8. These are amazing responses! Thanks to all who participated in this week’s giveaway–we truly appreciate your creative, thoughtful answers. This week’s giveaway is now closed. We will be notifying ticket recipients shortly.

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