Monday Concert Connection- Tons of Free Tix!

This week is total musical madness from bluegrass to garage rock, we’ve got at least one show per day for a week of debaucherous listening pleasure. Not only that but we’re giving away lots of free tix plus a free MP3 download to our amazing music fans!

Scroll down for chances to hang out with Greensky Bluegrass, The Drones, Quintron & Miss Pussycat, Richard Buckner, Rodriguez, Natalie Zuckerman & Antje Duvekot…


Wednesday, April 8



Genre: Bluegrass

Sounds like: Cornmeal, Yonder Mountain String Band, Railroad Earth, Trampled By Turtles

“It is their unique ‘fusion of tradition and enthusiasm for improvisation’ that has come to define the band’s creative and tangible compositional style.”
– Scott Preston, Cincy Groove Magazine

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Learn More: Official Website, Myspace

Win Tix!: Greensky Bluegrass is an obvious play on words that turns your world upside down. If you can send in three original or favorite similarly thought-provoking phrases, you may just find yourself in a field of some of Michigan’s own.

9:00 pm, High Noon Saloon, 608.268.1122, $10 adv./DOS – 18+


Wednesday, April 8



Genre: Indie, Punk, Garage Rock

Sounds like: Eddy Current Suppression Ring, You Am I, Snowman, Augie March

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Learn More Here: Official Website, Myspace

Win Tix!: Their name suggests one thing, but contrary to initial thought The Drones’ “lullabies” will not put you to sleep. What is the most awkward/embarrassing place or situation you’ve found yourself asleep in? By entrusting us with this little tid-bit you may just find yourself with a reason to stay awake Wednesday night.

9:00 pm, The Frequency, 608.819.8777, $8 – 21+


Thursday, April 9




Genre: Electronic

Sounds like: Planningtorock, Best Fwends, Stereo Total, General Elektriks

“Mr. QUINTRON is a very eccentric concert and nightclub organist from New Orleans, Louisianna. He plays music on a custom made Hammond / Rhodes combo synthesizer / organ (which he’s got all built up to look like a car with real working headlights) backed by raw simple drum machine beats (think 808 boom chika boom through one BIG speaker with all the treble turned down) and his own patented invention THE DRUM BUDDY – a rotating, light-activated analog synthesizer which is played much in the same way that a DJ spins and scratches records. Of course lets not forget about MISS PUSSYCAT who plays maracas and sings backup as well as entertaining all age groups with her highly amusing technicolor puppet shows.
– Miami Herald

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Learn More: Official Website, Myspace

Win Tix!: One of Quintron’s unique and noteworthy characteristics as a musician is his tendency to create. He has invented the Spit Machine, the Disco Light Machine, and the Drum Buddy. The Drum Buddy is his most recognized contribution to the mechanistic world, largely due to the presence of its own infomercial. This is your chance to share an invention you’ve made, or maybe even just thought up. Where as it might not win you a Nobel Peace Prize (not because it doesn’t deserve it, but because our application for the authority/power to present it was denied)… it might just win you the equally prestigious appearance at this True Endeavors show!


Friday, April 10



Genre: Singer-songwriter, Folk, Americana, Indie

Sounds like: Jay Farrar, Son Volt, Slobberbone, Blue Mountain

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Learn More: Official Website, Myspace, Pitchfork review of 3 Richard Buckner re-issues

Win Tix!: Sadly, with the number of shows, I’ve run out of creative juices to make this one interesting. So, tell us… why do you deserve to go? It can be anything from it’s your bday, to you just got done with a bunch of exams, to an elephant just sat on your car. No matter what, the more creative the reason, the better your chances of going!

7:00 pm (special early show) – High Noon Saloon – 608.268.1122 – $10 adv – 18+


Friday, April 10

True Endeavors, Muzzle of Bees and WORT-FM

Light In The Attic recording artist


with special guests DIPLOMATS OF SOLID SOUND

Genre: Folk, Singer-songwriter, Blues

Sounds like: Tim Buckley, Donovan, Melanie, John Martyn

“Rating: 8.0….It is one of those rare lost albums that turns out to be a genuine classic”
– Joe Tangari, Pitchfork

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Learn More: Official Website, Myspace

Free MP3!: Free mp3 – “Sugar Man”

Win Tix!: Rodriguez’s story of Cold Fact and how it became a major hit internationally in countries such as South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand while going almost unnoticed in his home country, the U.S. This was largely due to Buddah Records’, the distributor, heavy investment in AM radio instead of FM. By missing the FM frequencies, Rodriquez did not get played to the audience that he appealed to. This brings up the question of what other great bands the U.S. came late to the party with? If you can list 2 of these kinds of bands you may just be attending Rodriguez’s performance. For extra credit (but optional) give the length of time it took the U.S. to realize the band compared to other countries and/or a potential reason why.

9:45 pm – High Noon Saloon – 608.268.1122 – $15 adv – 18+


Saturday, April 11


Genre: Folk, Singer-Songwriter, Indie, Acoustic

Sounds like: Allette, Layah Jane, Jess Morgan, Dar Williams, Girlyman, Lori McKenna, Ellis Paul

“Smokey-voiced songstress wisely mixes the rootsy styles on her fresh and fine Willy Porter-produced “Brand New Frame” album – from torch blues to country swing – to broaden reach and constituency. If you’re a fan of Madeleine Peyroux, Bonnie Raitt or even Amy Winehouse, you’ll find stuff to connect with here.”
– Philadelphia Daily News

“As far as I can tell, Antje is the whole package… I’ve had this reaction once in the past 10 years, and that was the first time I heard Patty Griffin.”
– Dave Marsh former Editor of Rolling Stone and XM/ Sirius Satellite Host

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Learn More:

Natalia Zuckerman
Official Website Myspace

Antje Duvekot
Official Website Myspace

Win Tix: Two great artists like this, on the same stage, in one night is amazing and rare. This is your chance to tell us your Fantasy Lineup. What three living and touring artists would make the best night in the world and why? What would the order to the lineup be and why? Who knows, not only could you win attendance at this show, maybe we’ll take your suggestion into consideration.

7:00 pm (early show) – High Noon Saloon – 608.268.1122 – $10 adv./$12 DOS – 18+ (caberet-style seating)


Saturday, April 11

Decider and WORT-FM present
Wes and Eugene’s





Genre: Variety Show, Comedy, Folk, Rock

Sounds like: Nothing you’ve ever seen, heard, or been to before!

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Learn More:

John Wesley Harding
Official Website Myspace

Eugene Mirman
Official Website Myspace

Win Tix: Unfortunately unless you’re subscribed to the TE Newsletter you can’t go, or at least not for free., the G. Love giveaway will only be provided through the newsletter as well. So, get to it and sign-up, it’s a great way to keep in touch!

9:30pm – High Noon Saloon – 608.268.1122 – $12 adv./$15 DOS – 18+

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All ticket winners will be announced tomorrow Tuesday Apr 7 in the afternoon on this blog. Please leave your full name so we can get you on the list (it won’t be visible on the blog). To leave a comment please click on title of blog and scroll down.

Thanks and enjoy!

4 Responses

  1. The band that most comes to mind is the the Jimi Hendrix Experience, who were quite well-known and appreciated in Europe for a couple years before they played the Monterey Fest in 1967 and won over the US audiences.

    Another band that made it big elsewhere first was The Ramones, who were commercially appreciated in the UK a couple years before they were in the USA, they fared much better in the UK charts than they ever did in the US.

    The Jam were huge in Britain and Europe, but made only a minor splash here in the US, perhaps we’ll catch on to them soon?

  2. I’ve not invented much, but for the sake of Quintron, I’ll try. I know it’s probably bad for you, but once I melted records into ashtrays and the like. I was always more creative than innovative. I once invented a method of making shirts, by spray painting them and using stencils and fabric paint and using tie-dye effects. It was pretty original. Sometimes I like to “invent” clothing, from middle school and on I was sewing weird things to my pants. No one can claim to have invented it, but when you turn on a bunch of cellphones on speaker phone and record them, it sounds pretty nuts. i’ve used that playing with ableton, “inventing” some crazy sounds. I just love Quinton’s invented musical apparatuses, it reminds me of daft punk a bit. they use so many devices, that i’m sure they invited something along the line. A lot of 8-bit musicians invent stuff that create music off of gameboys and such, I’ve always wanted to invent my own device like that.

  3. Wow! This was a huge week for giveaways! As always, thanks to those who participated. We hope you like our new format. This week’s contests are now closed–winners will be notified via e-mail shortly. Enjoy the shows! 🙂

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