Monday Concert Connection – Classified Free Ticket Details Enclosed

It’s Monday! Everyone knows what that means. No, not the start to another drag, boring week. Not the dreaded failure of your weekend to contend for… You know what? Forget it! If you don’t want to turn your week around and WIN A FREE PAIR OF TICKETS to some amazing shows, like Girlyman, Great Lake Swimmers, Backyard Tire Fire, Dex Romweber Duo, and MC Chris, then stop reading.



Tuesday, April 21


with special guests


Genre: Folk, Indie, Singer-Songwriter
Sounds Like: Bright Eyes, Tilly and the Wall, Rilo Kiley, Conor Oberst

Learn More: Official Site, Myspace

Show Info: 7:00 pm ( special early show ), High Noon Saloon, 608.268.1122, $8 adv – $10 dos – 18+
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Tuesday, April 21





Genre: World, African, Afro-pop
Sounds Like: Bola Johnson & His Easy, The Funkees, The Chicago Afrobeat Project

Learn More: Official Site, Myspace

Show Info: 9:00 pm, The Annex, 608.256.7750, $8 adv $10 dos – 18+
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Tuesday, April 21

WORT-FM welcomes


with special guests


Genre: Hard Rock, Stoner Rock
Sounds Like: ASG, Year Long Disaster, The Last Vegas

Learn More: Official Site, Myspace

Show Info: 9:00 pm, The Stage Door, 608.255.8755, $10 adv / $10 dos – 18+
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Wednesday, April 22




Genre: Folk, Acoustic
Sounds Like: Indigo Girls, Dar Williams, Chris Pureka

Girlyman’s strength lies in its harmonic, multi-instrumental mastery of buoyant, pop-folk numbers with elusive, poetic lyrics.
-Washington Post

Learn More: Official Site, Myspace
Win A Pair of Tix: 29. That’s the number of tracks on Girlyman’s latest album, largely consisting of previously unreleased recordings. What are your thoughts on bands releasing the unreleased beasts?

Show Info: 8:00 pm, High Noon Saloon, 608.268.1122, $13 adv $15 dos – 18+

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Thursday, April 23

True Endeavors and Muzzle of Bees present:


with special guests


Genre: Folk, Indie, Singer-Songwriter, Indie pop

Sounds Like: Iron & Wine, Bon Iver, Horse Feathers, Shearwater,

Great Lake Swimmers continue to hone a remarkably haunting, heartfelt folk-pop sound, mixing ambient textures with skilful instrumental interplay.
-eye weekly

Learn More: Official Site, Myspace
Win A Pair of Tix: Great Lake Swimmer’s album artwork for ‘Lost Channels’ suggests simple, fine art. What is your favorite album cover art and/or do you think it’s safe to buy an album based on your like of the cover alone? Reasons for answers are always lovely :).

Show Info: 9:00 pm, High Noon Saloon, 608.268.1122, $10 adv $12 dos – 18+
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Friday, April 24


with special guest


Genre: Rock, Alt-Country, Americana
Sounds Like: Jason Isbell, Justin Townes Earle

… perhaps the next in line behind other recently anointed working artists like The Hold Steady, Alejandro Escovedo, the Truckers and My Morning Jacket.

Learn More: Official Site, Myspace
Win A Pair of Tix: The name Backyard Tire Fire clearly conjures thoughts of flame. What’s the most memorable (for any reason) thing you’ve seen on fire?

Show Info: 9:30 pm, High Noon Saloon , 608.268.1122, $8 adv $10 dos – 18+
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Sunday, April 26

True Endeavors and JAM Productions present


Genre: Musical Comedy Duo
Sounds Like: Tenacious D

Learn More: Official Site, Myspace
Win A Pair of Tix: Q: If you wanted to win a pair of tix to see Flight of the Conchords what would you do? A: sign up for the True Endeavors Newsletter! TE’s biggest shows usually do have ticket give aways. However, these contests are reserved for newsletter recipients only. So, sign up and get a chance to attend the upcoming Progressive Show at the Orpheum featuring Ani Difranco, Indigo Girls, and Dar Williams!

Show Info: 7:30 pm, Overture Center , 608.258.4141, Reserved tickets $40 – all ages

Monday, April 27



with special guests


Genre: Surf-Rock, Blues, Lo-fi
Sounds Like: Justin Townes Earle, Flat Duo Jets, Sarah Borges & the Broken

Dexter Romweber was and is a huge influence on my music.
-Jack White

Learn More: Official Site, Myspace
Win A Pair of Tix: Having Jack White claim you as a ‘huge influence’ to his career is a pretty big deal. Who has been a big influence on your life up to this point, artist or otherwise, and how?

Show Info: 8:00 pm, The Annex, 608.256.7750, $8 cover – 18+
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Monday, April 27




Genre: Hip-Hop, Rap, Comedy
Sounds Like: MC Frontalot, Optimus Rhyme, MC Lars

[You] might know him best as MC Pee Pants from the Aqua Teen Hunger Force or Hesh from Sealab 2021. … … To make things even better, he’s really good at what he does.

Learn More: Official Site, Myspace
Win A Pair of Tix: MC Chris has gotten the opportunity to be a character on two relatively famous television shows. What specific character, or even just type of character would you really want to appear as on TV and why?

Show Info: 8:00 pm, High Noon Saloon, 608.268.1122, $10 adv $12 dos – 18+

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The ticket give away contests will be closed at 1:00 p.m. tomorrow, Tuesday April 21. All ticket winners will be announced tomorrow Tuesday Apr 21 on this blog. Please leave your full name so we can get you on the list. To leave a comment please click on title of blog and scroll down.

9 Responses

  1. Listen, I am poor. How poor am I? I can’t HBO, so I can’t watch Flight of the Conchords. I can’t even afford cable. Heck, I’ve decided not to buy one of those converter box things, leaving me only with PBS, infomercials and blurry religious stations to choose from. Homeless people begging for change let me pass by in silence. I tried to convince Aldi’s to start a frequent buyers club.

    (OK, at least most of those things are true, and let’s not discuss how I managed to buy things on Record Store Day).

    Additional reasons:

    I once had a crush on a girl from New Zealand at school.

    I need to learn how style my hair into a curling mane.

    I anxiously desire to steal their material, and pass it off as my own, to win the hearts of sheltered women who, like me, have no cable television.

    • Perhaps we didn’t make it clear, but tickets for FOTC were only available through our Newsletter. We have no additional tickets to giveaway.



  2. Great Lake Swimmers – My favorite album art has to be Phish’s Junta by Jim Pollock. Pollock’s pen and ink drawings tell you everything about the album. They are a glimpse into each individual song and transform the musical content of the album into beautiful visual art. Not only does the album’s musical content remind me of my youth and carefree days, Pollock’s images conjure these same feelings and remind me that life is not so complicated and there is beauty in simplicity. Junta’s, Pollock’s, artwork represents a part of my past, so much so that I had one of the liner drawings tattooed on my leg. As for being safe, I have never been hurt by an album that I bought solely based on my feelings towards its cover art, so I would say ‘yes’ it is safe.

  3. (Mr. Hendrix, did you even read the blog? lmao Well, maybe begging will work, who knows.)

    I don’t think I want to be on TV for that reason alone, but I imagine one must get paid something, so I probably wouldn’t pass it up, either.

    I guess I’d like to be some character who gets paid to go out to dope events all the time because where I am, the party is. Since I do that anyway, I’d probably be pretty good at it ^_^

  4. I have made quite a few record purchases based solely on album art, It is (in my opinion) as reliable as some album reviews in judging how good the album might be, so yeah, it’s quite safe to judge an album by its cover.

    Two of my favorite album covers (because who wants to pick just one??!!):

    Slint – Spiderland. The black and white photo of the band up to their necks in a pond looks so peaceful, yet the looks on their faces suggest some intensity within, a fitting image to go along with their music.

    Animal Collective – Merriweather Post Pavilion. The cover may induce seizures, but the trippy, seems-like-it’s-moving cover totally fits the amazing sounds of this album.

  5. Lame, but my most memorable fire was a camp fire I made. Simply because while the guys went off to get suitable wood to start a fire, I was able to get one going with what fire wood we already had. It was a very proud day indeed. And they laughed at my effort… ha!

  6. Girlyman – how do I love thee? I cannot count the ways…, but I can tell you that giving the fans unreleased material is a sure way to win their hearts!! Your fans see you in concerts, revel in your unusual covers and funny little “I wrote this on the bus on the way to Cleveland” one-off tunes, and songs that the record company just didn’t like enough to make the 12 song cut for a traditional album. Those gems are what I crave. AMEN and thank you for adding them to the roster!!

    I wish all bands did this. As a fan of several bands that allow recordings of their shows, I collect live (bootleg) recordings of shows, unreleased material in a listenable format (no hissing, muffled shouts & clapping, or the guy next to the recorder complaining about the beer) is Christmas morning. YAY!!

    I’d love some free tickets, and so would my hubby 🙂 We coudl use a date night!!

  7. Ok guys and gals, time’s up for this week! Winners will be notified shortly. As always, thanks for checking out the blog and participating in the giveaways!

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