Artists You Should Know: Bryan Adams

Bryan Adams

Think you’re too cool for Bryan Adams?  Think again.  There’s so much more to this talented singer-songwriter than “Summer of ’69.”  Read on to find out why we here at True Endeavors are proud to bring this accomplished musician, photographer and social activist to Madison on May 8.

“Bryan Adams is best known for dishing out hit after hit over his 30+ years as a recording artist, but the man behind a multitude of hit singles (“Summer of ’69” and “Cuts Like a Knife”) has influenced more than simply rock music. As Adams strips down his sound for an intimate acoustic tour, there’s no better time to take a look beyond the music at the hit machine’s many other contributions.

As a talented and edgy photographer, Adams’s work behind the camera lens has captured the raw persona of an extensive list of notable celebrities. Fashion shoots and celebrity portraits by Adams have graced the pages of Vogue, Vanity Fair, and Harper’s Bazaar, even adorned art gallery walls worldwide earning him global acclaim as a photographer. Combining photography with philanthropy, Adams is the official photographer for Hear the World, a celebrity endorsed foundation committed to the importance of healthy hearing .

A heavily-involved social activist throughout his music career, Adams recently created an organization of his own, the Bryan Adams Foundation, taking on a broad mission of improving lives around the world. Not only does Adams aim to better mankind, but he speaks out for animals as well. A practicing vegan and animal rights activist, Adams scored a nomination for PETA’s Sexiest Celebrity Vegetarian making him one piece of meat vegans can drool over without guilt.

Bryan Adams has greatly evolved since the days of his first hit singles in the ’80s, both musically and personally. Now, more mature yet just as fascinating, Adams delivers a live tour showcasing music as raw and sincere as the photos he shoots and the causes he supports.”

The Bryan Adams Foundation
Photography by Bryan Adams

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  1. what is that… rather… WHO is that great power pushing this man to do such great cause?… JESUS CHRIST OF Nazareth?

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