Live Music Photo Tuesdays – Flight of the Conchords

Flight of the Conchords’ Rhymenoceros (Bret McKenzie) & Hiphopopotamus (Jemaine Clement) brought their music and comedy act to the Overture Center Sunday night. Fans were eagerly awaiting the show that sold out in roughly 30 minutes, and Bret and Jemaine did not disappoint. The songs come straight from their hit HBO show (Flight of the Conchords) and were very funny, but the duo’s ad-libbing between songs and interaction with the audience was probably my favorite part of the show. While people were shouting out requests during one of the several band/audience interactions, a rowdy fan made the ubiquitous request for “Freebird!!” and Bret and Jemaine paused for only a second before they broke into a hilarious version of the classic Lynyrd Skynyrd song.  
Here are some shots from the show (click the link below to see all the photos)…











All photos © Copyright 2009 Bryan Gladding

Edit to add: All 25 Photos from the Show (Click Slideshow in upper-right)

 Click HERE for more photos by photographer Bryan Gladding (In the Muck Photos)

Email IntheMuck (at) for permission to use photos or booking information.

6 Responses

  1. hahaha 😀 their hats look great 😀

  2. Your pictures came out gorgeous! I saw the boys during their Miami show. Love them!

  3. Thanks Rosy!

    I edited to add a link to all 25 photos. If you click on the slideshow button in the upper right after the new window opens, you can see the images larger. That is particularly helpful for the landscape/horizontal images that come out very small in the blog. – Bryan

  4. Good work! Did a security card tell you to stop, perchance? (I ask because Jemaine has his cardigan on in all the pics and there were some VERY serious security guards). I’m glad you got some pics, because I think said security guard would have tackled me if I’d tried.

  5. Thanks Meredith!

    I had a photo pass, but it was only to shoot the first 10 minutes. You are right though, I would not have been able to shoot without the pass. As soon as I took my camera out (with the very conspicuous white canon tele lens) I was approached by security, and then again and again and…

    There were definitely times during the rest of the show when I wished I was still shooting, like when Nigel the one man New Zealand Symphony Orchestra came on, and when they sang “Sugar Lumps” and were running around the stage.

    The industry standard for the bigger acts is first three songs, but since they do a lot of talking between songs they limited it to 10 minutes instead. Some really big acts have restrictions like the first minute of the first song…crazy!

    • Well thank God they gave you a photo pass! It hurt not to be able to snap any and my only salvation was thinking that I’d be able to find them somewhere out on the net. Now, if Bret had taken his pants off and your photo pass had expired…that would be difficult.

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