Progressive Benefit Concert SOLD OUT

If this is crushing news for you we recommend hanging out at the Orpheum box office around 4PM tomorrow.  It is probable that we will be able to release a few extra concert tickets at that time…otherwise check out these once in a lifetime conference events for which tix are still available:

Register for The Progressive's 100th Conference

Click on to read previews, interviews, and more!

Emily Mills gives an overview for

The Progressive has been printing anti-war, pro-environment, civil liberties and rights championing news and opinion since 1909, carving out a solid spot for itself as one of the nation’s foremost muckracking periodicals Read on…

Katjusa Cisar interviews Ani DiFranco for 77 Square:

“It’s really interesting, this idea of happiness that seems to be out there,” she said, “that it’s equivalent to, you know, apathy and nice round edges, like edgy and happy are in opposite sides of the spectrum, and politics and contentment do not mingle.”  Read on…

Rob Thomas interviews Emily Saliers of the Indigo Girls for 77 Square:

The Progressive benefit came at a bit of an inconvenient time for the folk-pop Indigo Girls: during a two-week break between legs of their spring tour to support the new “Poseidon and the Bitter Bug” album. But Saliers said that, no matter what, they were going to make the gig. Read on…

Jason Albert & Scott Gordon preview the weekend for the Decider:

Those whose politics lean hard left would have to search a long time before finding another gathering as loaded with luminaries as The Progressive’s 100th Anniversary Conference Friday through Saturday at Monona Terrace. Read on…

Jason Albert reviews the history of The Progressive Magazine for the Decider:

“We shamelessly beg and borrow, but never steal,” says Rothschild. “There is no shame in telling people we need an independent press with voices of dissent.” Read on…

Rich Albertoni weighs in for the Isthmus:

A hundred years from now, The Progressive magazine might still be around, but one thing’s for sure: As long as there are people, protest songs will live.   Read on…

David Medaris offers up conference highlights for The Daily Page:

The Progressive magazine’s centennial conference convenes May 1-2 at Monona Terrace a lineup of Progressive All-Stars so impressive that even the most avid fan might have a hard time keeping track of who’s on first and what’s on second. Read on…

Mike Ivey at The Capital Times hangs with Progressive Editor Matt Rothschild:

“Some mornings I have about 15 minutes to decide what I’m going to talk about,” says Rothschild, 50, a Harvard University graduate who joined the Progressive in 1983 two years out of college.”  Read on…

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