Monday Concert Connection: Jump Start Your Summer With FREE Tix!

Most of you student types are breathing a collective sigh of relief this week as you say goodbye to another year of academia-related stress.  Phew!  What better way to celebrate the coming months of freedom than with a free concert?!  There are three shows coming up this week that we’d like to preview for you (Black Moth Super Rainbow with School of Seven Bells, Arizona, and The Parlor Mob), and we’re giving away a pair of tix to all of ’em!


Thursday, May 21

Black Moth Super Rainbow + School of Seven Bells

Genre: Psychedelic, Experimental, Post-Rock

Sounds Like: Animal Collective, Caribou, Dan Deacon

“A notoriously enigmatic band hailing from Pennsylvania, Black Moth Super Rainbow made waves on the indie circuit in the early 2000s with their brand of otherworldly, psychedelic indie pop.”

Win A Pair of Tix!: The members of BMSR perform under the following artisic aliases:  Tobacco, Power Pill Fist, Father Hummingbird,The Seven Fields Of Aphelion and Iffernaut.  If you joined the band, what would your adopted name be, and why would you choose it?

Show Info: 9pm High Noon Saloon  $10 adv $12 dos – 18+presented by Decider and WORT FM BUY TICKETS HERE


Saturday, May 23

Arizona with Pezzetino

Genre: Indie, Folk, Psychedelic

Sounds Like: Bishop Allen, Illinois, Annuals

“Arizona is unusual in its ability to carve out an identifiable sound (one noticeably influenced by Ray Davies and the Kinks) that draws not only on rock, folk, and pop, but also on classical elements, a sound of considerable charm.”

Win A Pair of Tix!: OK, the band isn’t actually from Arizona, but the name is strangely evocative of the kind of music they play.  Tell us what you think a band called “Wisconsin” might sound like.  Feel free to include potential song tiles and/or cover art in your response! 

Show Info: 9:30pm Cafe Montmartre $8 adv $8 dos – 21+  BUY TICKETS HERE


Tuesday, May 26

The Parlor Mob with Red Collar and Eccentrifuge

Genre: Garage Rock, Blues, Alternative

Sounds Like: The Von Bondies, The Datsuns, Wolfmother

“And You Were A Crow is the incense and peppermints of modern rock-from top to bottom.  The album is soaked in a late 60’s/early 70’s vibe, but still rolls out enough present day savvy to lure in heaps of new audiences.”

Win A Pair of Tix!: When The Parlor Mob was under its previous name (What About Frank?), they were named Best Live Band at the Ashbury Music Awards—twice!  What band(s) would you give the award to?  Tell us about the shows that melted your face!

Show Info: 9:30pm The Frequency  $8 at the door- 21+   BUY TICKETS HERE


***Please mention which concert’s ticket giveaway question you’re posting a response to!***

Winners will be announced tomorrow (May 19th) at 1:00 pm.

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6 Responses

  1. If I had the pleasure of being asked to join BMSR I would probably give them the choice of either “Mxlthgyds (Mix-Elth-Gids?)” or “Red Hatchet” and hope they liked one of those well enough…

    • And why did I pick those names? Well, “red hatchet” just seems to mesh well with the other band member names and I would think as the newest member of the band it would be important to fit in, and the “mxlthgyds” just sounds cool to me, and it might be nice to offer the band a name choice, seeing as how I have no musical skills to offer them…

  2. My BMSR name would be “Brown Artemis…” Why? Because I’m a brown chick who likes music, art, beauty, and nature.

  3. BMSR tickets

    I think if I were to join BMSR I would adopt the name of Honey-pooh-bear, mostly because I have no musical talent what so ever, and would have to rely on my slick dance moves and a winnie the pooh costume in order to be deemed relevant enough to stay in the band.

    Plus it would fit in with their band description:
    “Deep in the woods of western Pennsylvania vocoders hum amongst the flowers and synths bubble under the leaf-strewn ground while flutes whistle in the wind and beats bounce to the soft drizzle of a warm acid rain. As the sun peeks out from between the clouds, the organic aural concoction of Black Moth Super Rainbow starts to glisten above the trees.”

    can’t you just picture Honey-Pooh-Bear jamming out to that??

    • also for parlor mob..didn’t I answer this last week???
      I’ll use the same answer because it hasn’t changed haha

      The most exciting concert I’ve ever been to was the Prince show on 7/7/07 in Minneapolis. It was exciting for so many different reasons. He opened with ‘Purple Rain’ and melted my face off, every time I tried to recover he would hit me with another scorcher of a solo. Greatest day of my life.

  4. Thanks everyone! This week’s giveaway is now closed. Be sure to check back next week for more great shows that you might just get to see for free!

    Winners for this week will be notified shortly.

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