Live Music Photo Tuesdays – All That Remains

w 4447b

Good News: There was a 3-foot pit, the space between the stage and the barricade, for the “bouncers” and the media, which includes photographers like me.  Bad News: When All That Remains (ATR) came on stage, the pit got smaller and smaller as the barricade got pushed closer and closer to the stage.  Saying ATR amped up the crowd would be an understatement.  Early on, vocalist Phil Labonte sounded a little disappointed as he did not see a mosh pit being generated Friday night at The Annex.  To the crowds’ defense, it was jam packed.  I mean if the person next to you decided to sway, you swayed too, regardless if you wanted to or not.  It was TIGHT!!!  Pun Intended. 

Luna Mortis opened the night up with songs from their newly released album, The Absence.  Based in Madison, the band was formed in 2001 in Monroe and went by the name The Ottoman Empire.  They later changed their name in 2008 to Luna Mortis.

Dirge Within followed.  Before the set, vocalist Jeremy “Jerms” Genske warned me that he likes to jump back and forth from the stage to the barricade.  I now see why.  The crowd loved the up-close and personal touch.  Rumor has it that a day before the show on May 14th, Dirge Within inked a deal with E1 Music (formerly Koch Records).  If it is true, congrats! 

Another great show.  Thanks for looking.


Luna Mortis

w 3715

w 3760

w 3831

w 3767

w 3848

w 3739


Dirge Within

w 4188

w 3906

w 3925

w 3930

w 3905

w 3952


Fans Enjoying The Show

w 3903


All That Remains

w 4339

w 4415

w 4329

w 4275

w 4441

w 4330

w 4443

w 4367

w 4458

w 4422

w 4373

w 4452

All photos © Copyright 2009 Darren Lee

Click HERE for more photos by photographer Darren Lee (Darren Lee Photography)

Email “Darren (at)” for permission to use photos or for booking information.


7 Responses

  1. D-Roc,
    For some reason I can’t get Spinal Tap out of my head! Awesome photos!

  2. darren

    will i be seeing NBA final photos in a few weeks. nice work, keep shooting


  3. D-Roc
    That guy seems to REALLY enjoy his music. Nice shots though!


  4. Thanks for putting up the pic of the fans, that’s me in the middle!

  5. Chris – No problemo! Because of you guys, we will try to put more fan pictures up. Thanks!

    Kelly – Yes he does :o)

    Kap – Wassssaabi! Thanks for looking.

    T-Nice – “Do you have any artificial plates or limbs?”


  6. Can’t wait to see them X] in middlesbrough england! :]

    Keep rocking ATR and NICE PHOTO’s great res ;]

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