Live Music Photo Tuesdays – Meat Puppets

w 4859b The Meat Puppets brought their influential grunge sound to The Annex Friday night featuring tunes from “Sewn Together”, their new CD released May 12th.   Once the doors cracked open the venue quickly filled to a near capacity crowd.

Opener Alan Sparhawk started out the night with what I like to call his power mellow electric guitar play and thick yet soft voice.

Dark Meat followed, purportedly serving as the Meat Puppets “fluffer” for the night.  Lead singer Jim Hugh and band put on an entertaining show featuring the expected guitar, bass, and drums, as well as the less traditional rock trumpet, trombone, and flute.

The Meat Puppets entered the room and left none disappointed.  The live show matched the high caliber album reviews in both quality and energy.  The bands significance in the history of punk, rock, and grunge shone through as they seamlessly wove various styles of genre and performance.

Check up some of these recent album reviews:

“Thank you Jesus for the Kirkwood brothers. Sewn Together is one of the top five best albums I’ve heard so far this year and more importantly, it is yet another step in The Meat Puppets’ journey of greatness.” – THE TRIPWIRE

” 3 1/2 Stars… The interplay of Curt’s drowsy vocals and freaky guitar can still induce vertiginous spells — witness the dreamy yet insistent “Blanket of Weeds” — while the snappy “Love Mountain” reveals the clever pop craftsman behind his woozy persona.” – SPIN

“The number of ingredients found in a Meat Puppets record is impressive, but the way the band blends those pieces is what’s truly astonishing. At its best, Arizona’s Meat Puppets makes you think there are no boundaries between punk, country, and pop. The appropriately named “Sewn Together” finds Curt Kirkwood and his brother Cris Kirkwood crafting mongrel music as fine as anything in the band’s catalog.” – BOSTON GLOBE

Another great show.  Thanks for looking.

Alan Sparhawk

w 4615

Dark Meat

w 4744 w 4645

w 4666

w 4722

w 4662

w 4728

w 4733

Meat Puppets

w 4814a

w 4801

w 4777

w 4791

w 4889

w 4898

w 4934

w 4812

All photos © Copyright 2009 Darren Lee

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  2. Great post, I have read this somewhere else. But I have found this one to be more informative and I will choose to
    read yours in the future.
    Thanks 🙂

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