Monday Concert Connection: Turning Up The Heat

Well kids, summer’s finally here and we’re got some great shows coming up to help you unwind and start enjoying those long, hot nights that are coming our way.  In addition to previewing the island flavor of Sly and Robbie‘s can’t-miss reggae gig at the Barrymore, we’re also giving away tickets to shows from Sarah Borges and the Broken Singles, John Eddie, and Blind Pilot.  Read on to find out how you can win.

Sarah Borges and the Broken Singles

Sarah Borges and the Broken Singles


Wednesday, June 10

Sly & Robbie & the Taxi Gang “Summer Breeze Tour 2009″ with HEAVYWEIGHT DUB CHAMPION, BUKUE ONE, and TROPICAL RIDDIMS SOUND SYSTEM featuring FRP

Genre: Reggae, Dub, Funk

Sounds Like: Black Uhuru, Gregory Isaacs, The Upsetters

“The two are also in big demand from musicians not born in Jamaica; they’ve been on the payroll of everyone from Bob Dylan to No Doubt. But it was their production of Grace Jones’ Eighties club classic ‘Pull Up To The Bumper’ that first demonstrated that Sly and Robbie were also superheroes of funk.”

Show Info: 8pm Barrymore Theatre $24 adv $27 dos – all ages *Jamerica $6 meal deal served in the lobby before the show!*



Wednesday, June 10


Genre: Pop, Rock, Alt-Country

Sounds Like: Pieta Brown, Kathleen Edwards, Jason Isbell

“Belting with conviction over a virtually Nudie-tailored wash of silvered pedal steel and squawky country guitars (which are even doubled for a classic Western-swing solo on “Miss Mary”), Borges consistently sounds more world-worn and wise than her age could possibly allow. . . Follow this one—she could lead you to some exciting places.”– Paste Magazine

Win A Pair Of Tix: Keeping the band’s great name in mind, tell us what your top 10 “Singles for Singles” are.  What songs do you find empowering when you’re feeling a bit lonely?

Show Info: 8:30 pm High Noon Saloon $8 adv $8 dos – 21+



Saturday, June 13


Genre: Rock, Singer/Songwriter, Americana

Sounds Like: John Hiatt, Alejandro Escovedo, Joe Ely

“As he found himself further from the constraints of labels trying to direct and manipulate every aspect of his sound, Eddie began to notice that he was drifting away from the epic rock feel of his early work and toward a sound that was an amalgam of everything he did, including soul, country and electric folk.”

Win A Pair Of Tix: Over Eddie’s long career, he has played on the same bill as artists like Bruce Springsteen, Bob Seger, and The Kinks.  What’s the best live concert lineup you’ve ever experienced?  Let us know who headlined, opened, and what made it a special show for you. 

Show Info: 10pm Club Tavern $12 adv $15 dos – 21+



Tuesday, June 16


Genre: Indie Rock, Pop, Folk

Sounds Like: Blitzen Trapper, Horse Feathers, Fleet Foxes

“That street performer aesthetic is the most important underlying trait of Blind Pilot. The band’s sound enterprises the same sentiment: lo-fi pop songs teeming with accessible and poignant folk nuances. It’s a sound written on a back porch with friends, not a sound crafted in a studio or compiled on a laptop.”

Win A Pair Of Tix: In a major achievement for the Green movement, Blind Pilot recently toured the West Coast on bicycles and towed their instruments on trailers of their own design.  If you could invent another device or service to make it easier for musicians to travel while remaining environmentally conscious, what would you create?

Show Info: 7pm High Noon Saloon $10 adv $12 dos- 18+



***Please mention which concert’s ticket giveaway question you’re posting a response to!***

Winners will be announced tomorrow (June 2nd) at 1:00 pm.

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2 Responses

  1. Blind Pilot.

    Seems to me like the best thing yet to be invented would be some kind of transporter to “beam” bands to the venues, either directly from their homes or from the previous venue. Imagine the savings of fossil fuels, and time for that matter!

    Yes, I just saw Star Trek ….

    Jason Sailing

    • Hey, no shame. I think Star Trek had the right idea! Thanks for responding, Jason! Check your inbox. This week’s contest is now closed, but there’s more to come so check back often.

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