Live Music Photo Tuesdays – Mr. Lif, Grieves and more…

Mr. Lif brought his political and socially conscious hip hop act to the High Noon Saloon last week and put on a brilliant show. He was casually hanging out at the merchandise table  and mingling with the crowd before hand, and then flipped the switch as soon as he hit stage…delivering his rhymes with intensity and passion. The evening’s other performers included Rob DZ and DJ Skooly, DJ Statik, Willie Evans JR., Metro, Budo and Grieves. It was a prodigious lineup and the crowd really got into the show. Nearly everyone on the dance floor was moving to the beats, singing along and generally working up a good sweat.

Hope you enjoy the photos…












 021-Mr Lif




023-Mr Lif


022-Mr Lif




 025-Mr Lif

All photos © Copyright 2009 Bryan Gladding

All Photos from the Show (Click Slideshow in upper-right)

 More photos by photographer Bryan Gladding (In the Muck Photos)

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5 Responses

  1. I had a nice conversation with Lif after the show…I told him about the piece I did about gangsta rap (
    …he agreed with my calling it minstrelsy, and reminded me that Little Brother did the same with his joint The Minstrel Show.

    I think Lif feels like he’s an endangered species, not sure if the people still want concsious, political hip hop. Dont stop! You and Immortal Tech and Little Brother…artists like bring life to the hip hop idiom and allow to be a progressive force.

    Blog readers….let’s us know which hip hop artists you’d like us to bring to town. First one to do so that ends up on our fall calendar will get free tickets to that show.

  2. Nice use of the flash BG! Great shots!

  3. Thanks Darren!

    It was a different experience actually getting to use flash. It was much appreciated though since the stage was even darker than normal that night. I talked to Mr. Lif before the show and he said it wouldn’t bother him at all…fire away. Very cool.

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