Last Call! Black Francis Ticket Giveaway

Black Francis

You might know Black Francis as Frank Black, “that one guy” from The Pixies, 1/2 of Grand Duchy, Charles Michael Kittridge Thompson IV, or…well…the list goes on.  The moniker of the hour isn’t important; the man, his music, and his influence on the alternative/indie rock scene is.  We at True Endeavors are extremely excited to present Black Francis’ show this Saturday at the High Noon Saloon.  If you haven’t picked up your tickets to see this living legend yet, we’re offering a free pair of spots on the guest list to a lucky blog reader.

Black Francis


“Inverting his stage name from Black Francis to Frank Black, the former Pixies lead singer/songwriter embarked on a solo career after he broke up the band in early 1993; actually, he began recording his solo album before he told the band the news. Working with former Pere Ubu member Eric Drew Feldman, Black occasionally heads into the ferocious post-punk guitar territory that marked such landmark albums as Surfer Rosa and Doolittle, but more frequently he plays up his considerably underrated melodic side. His self-titled 1993 debut album was an adventurous sketchbook of pop styles ranging from surf rock to heavy metal, from Beatlesque pop to new wave.

Black’s second album, 1994’s Teenager of the Year, was a sprawling and diverse album that amplified all the best points of Frank Black. Although it received favorable reviews and had an alternative radio hit with “Headache,” it slipped off the charts two weeks after its release. Black parted ways with Elektra and 4AD in early 1995, signing a new record contract with American in the U.S. and Sony in Europe. Black released his first album for American and Sony, the hard-rocking Cult of Ray, in January 1996.

The Cult of Ray hardly found the wide audience Black had hoped for, selling considerably less than his two previous efforts. Early in 1997, American was forced to close briefly as they straightened out their financial problems. Black was lost in the shuffle. He had recorded an album with the Catholics — essentially just a renamed version of his Cult of Ray supporting band — but was unable to release it due to American’s problems.

Eventually, he wrangled himself free from both American and Sony. Early in 1998, he signed with Play It Again Sam in England, and he released Frank Black and the Catholics that spring. He was left without an American record contract until spinART picked up the album for release in the U.S. in August. Pistolero followed in 1999. Dog in the Sand was issued two years later. In 2002, Black returned with two albums, the ambitious Black Letter Days and The Devil’s Workshop, a more laid-back effort. Show Me Your Tears, which was inspired by Black’s therapy sessions, followed a year later.

Black returned to prominence in 2004 with a Pixies reunion, a project that included North American tours that spring and fall; an appearance at the Coachella festival; dates in Europe and the U.K. that summer, including a performance at the T in the Park festival; Pixies, a DVD retrospective; a new best-of collection, Wave of Mutilation: The Best of Pixies; and last but not least, the possibility of a new Pixies album. That fall, Frank Black Francis, a double-disc set of early Pixies demos and reinterpretations of Pixies songs by Black and the Two Pale Boys, arrived in the midst of all this activity.

The Pixies reunion tour continued into 2005; that summer, Black released Honeycomb, a collection of songs recorded in Nashville, TN, featuring performances by session greats such as Spooner Oldham, Reggie Young, Anton Fig, and Steve Cropper. He reunited with this crew and added a host of other guest stars for 2006’s sprawling double album Fast Man Raider Man, which he supported with a string of dates opening for Foo Fighters. Though 2007’s Bluefinger was a concept album about the life and death of Dutch painter/punk rocker Herman Brood, it featured some of Black’s most ferocious rock in years — so much so, in fact, that it was credited to his Pixies persona Black Francis. Frank Black returned the following year with The Seus EP, which preceded the mini-album SVN FNGRS, a set of songs inspired by the Irish legend of Cúchulainn.”

— Stephen Thomas Erlewine,

Black Francis

WIN A PAIR OF TIX: This one’s short and simple, inspired by the many personas of “Mr. Francis.”  If you were a performing musician (and maybe you already are), what stage name would you choose and why would it be significant to you?

Post your responses by 9:00 pm on Thursday, July 9th.  A winner will be notified later that night.

If you missed out on the giveaway this time, you can still buy your tickets here.

5 Responses

  1. Why, my stage name would most definitely have to be “Julie Johnson From Wisconsin”. Of course, whatever else could it be? This is how I introduce myself to new people I meet, usually in my search of autographs from recording artist’s traveling here from out-of-state. And, I swear, every time I tell someone my name like that their face lights up with a grin or a smile as they take joy in repeating my name out loud as they give me their signing. Many times the artists will comment, “I like that!”. It definitely distinguishes me from all the other fans they’ve been introduced to.

  2. In my line of work, there is a man, a nemesis perhaps, who goes by the name of Max Merr ( I suspect that that is not his real name, but perhaps it is). Mr. Merr is a fraud artist, a criminal who was taken thousands of dollars worth of stuff from the company I work for, he’s a thorn in our side and his name has been brought up so often that it’s almost painful to utter it or hear it.

    SO…in an effort to try to reclaim something from this person, and because I think it sounds like a cool made-up name, I would pick the stage name Max Merr.

  3. Mad Son: Now why has no one ever used that in this town before? I’m mad as hell and I won’t take it any more! I’m a native son of this town and I’m sick of this town proclaiming liberal ideals and yet not letting me hand out fliers on State St without getting harassed by the cops. Beyond that, haven’t talked to my dad for 10 years because he is a neo-nazi….seriously. So, in short, I have plenty to be mad about and you have gotten just a taste of the tip of a delicious spotted cow flavored Popsicle iceberg.

  4. HA! Oh god, this was a hard one to choose. You guys are hilarious! Thanks for your creative and entertaining posts. These tix will go to Marshall “Mad As Hell Mad Son,” but keep checking back for more chances to win for other upcoming shows. ROCK!

    • Congratulations, Mad Son! Even though I didn’t win I might still see you there at the show (?).

      Hey, True Endeavors, I like these assignments you put out every week for this comment contest (pssst, I like the shows you put out there, too).

      Thanks again for the passes you have awarded me. FOW, especially, was a great show!

      XOXO – Julie Johnson From Wisconsin

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