Monday Concert Connection: TGIF


The High Noon Saloon is the place to be this Friday!  Its stage will host the gorgeous, smokey, country-tinged folk of Pieta Brown early in the evening, followed by Doomtree‘s ferocious beats and underground hip hop sound.   Who says it’s too early to start planning your weekend?  Kick it off in style with a night of great music!  Read on to find out how you can win tickets to these shows.


Friday, July 31


Genre: Folk, Alt-Country, Singer/Songwriter

Sounds Like: Lucinda Williams, Lucy Kaplansky, Patty Griffin

“The brilliance of this disc, though—aside from its gorgeous sound—lies in Brown’s offbeat but dead-on phrasing and slightly skewed song structure, which combines with Ramsey’s pithy, supportive guitar work to create a beautiful vision of how roots music might fit comfortably into the modern world.” -Michael Ross,

Win A Pair Of Tix: Pieta Brown wrote many early songs in her father’s backyard shed.  Hardly luxurious, but inspiring to her, nonetheless.  Where would you go to make your best art?  Describe an inspiring and creative environment that you would feel at home in, and you might find yourself on the guest list for Pieta’s show!

Show Info: 7-9pm High Noon Saloon $10 adv $12 dos – 21+

ticket button


Friday, July 31

DOOMTREE with DJs Paper Tiger & Lazerbeak, F.STOKES and RamBunxious

Genre: Hip Hop, Rap

Sounds Like: P.O.S., Atmosphere, Brother Ali

“This pack proves the strength of power in numbers, switching up the lyricists and DJs with each track—fueled with the DIY ethics of both hip hop and punk—yet hone a sound all their own.”

Win A Pair Of Tix: Doomtree is a collective of several independently successful hip hop artists.  Name your top 5 musical projects involving collaborations. (They could be individual songs, bands, or tours.)  Your comment might land you a spot on the guestlist for the upcoming Doomtree show!

Show Info: 10pm High Noon Saloon $10 – 18+

ticket button


***Please mention which concert’s ticket giveaway question you’re posting a response to!***

Winners will be announced tomorrow (July 28th).

Hi, How Are You?
Hi How Are You

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3 Responses

  1. 5 collaborations in no particular order
    1. Reznor and Bowie affraid of Americans
    2. Fuck it up PIGFACE
    3. Wu Tang Clan is still nothing to fuck with
    4. The roots with anybody they have ever worked with(less maybe jimmy falon)
    5. Public enemy and anthrax bring the noise was pretty sweet

  2. Do I have until midnight?

    5. Meatloaf + Jim Steinmen = Many Wonderful Things
    4. Jeff Buckley helping Rebecca Moore record her magnum opus, ‘Home Wreckordings’
    3. Warren Haynes taking over for the corpse of Jerry Garcia in The Dead
    2. Mike Mictlan & Lazerbeak with ‘Hand Over Fist’
    1. Tenacious D filling in for Stills/Young with David Crosby & Graham Nash in Milwaukee last year for ‘Find the Cost of Freedom’

  3. No takers for Pieta?! Hope you guys’ll make it out to her show anyway. Her music is absolutely GORGEOUS!

    As for the collaborations, you two came up with some great ones! Lots that I was unfamiliar with…

    It was tough to pick but this week’s tix will go to Robert. Thanks for participating, and check back next week for more opportunities to win!

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