Monday Concert Connection: Oh Danny Boy…

Update: Show has been moved to Annex, more details here.

Daniel Johnston

That’s right, blog readers are getting a second chance to win a free pair of tickets to one of this summer’s absolutely-can’t-miss shows.  Cult icon and subject of a wildly popular and fascinating documentary, Daniel Johnston is coming to town this Wednesday.  (Not ringing a bell?  We first introduced him to those unfamiliar with his body of work here. Click to find out more about this eccentric, brilliant musician.)  Along with WORT FM and The Decider, True Endeavors is extremely proud to present Daniel Johnston to Madison audiences.  Read on to find out how you can win tickets to his show and become the envy of anyone with good taste.

Wednesday, August 12

DANIEL JOHNSTON with MARTY FINKEL and MARK WALDOCH (of The Celebrated Workingman)

Genre: Folk, Indie, Lo-Fi, Singer/Songwriter

Sounds Like: The Microphones, Jandek, Jonathan Richman

“Johnston is a student of the heart of the whole pop-rock enterprise, with a musical education that comes from years spent with a piano and a Beatles songbook, changing the order of the chords around to create new sequences– check out the sophisticated double-time changes in “Lennon Song”. Bob Dylan’s in there, too, and Elvis Costello, who Johnston impersonates with comical efficiency on “Man Obsessed”. Beach Boys, Big Star, Hank Williams– this stuff comes from the wellspring of pop-music basics, and Johnston knows his way around it as well as the next rock geek.” — Nitsuh Abebe,

Win A Pair of Tix: Daniel’s songs have been covered by a wide variety of talented artists. Post a video of one of your favorite Johnston tunes being performed by another artist, and you might just get to enjoy the show on us.

Show Info: 7:30pm Barrymore Theatre $20 adv and dos – all ages

ticket button


A winner will be announced tomorrow (August 11th).

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4 Responses

  1. Yay Daniel Johnston!

  2. Beck + Daniel Johnston nothing can beat it.

  3. Don’t need the tix but I really like Basia Bulat’s version of True Love Will Find You In The End:

  4. Hi…How are you? The show has been moved to the Annex.

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