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Abbey Road

In the world of pop music, anything goes.  Whether it’s true or not, musical celebrities are often the subjects of some pretty incredible stories.  Read on to revisit a few of music’s most notorious rumors, and find out how you could win tickets to an upcoming True Endeavors concert of your choice!


“Paul is dead!”

Over the years, Beatlemaniacs have compiled a staggering amount of “evidence” claiming that the band’s bassist passed away and was being replaced by a look-a-like.  Too bad none of it really makes sense.  Apparently being barefoot and out of step with your band mates on the cover of an album is pretty much the same as digging your own grave.  Beyond that, some believed that the proof was in the Beatles’ music itself.  Listeners claimed they could hear Lennon confess “I buried Paul,” along with other damning phrases among several of the Fab Four’s songs when played backwards.  Still, others found certain song lyrics or pieces of abum art to be convincing enough.


“GaGa’s not just a lady.”

lady gaga

When you’ve been crowned the new queen of pop, there’s not much of your life that’s out of bounds to public consideration–even your genitalia, it would seem.  One of the latest rumors to hit the internet is that Lady GaGa is actually a hermaphrodite and the saga of her alleged penis has made it all the way to MTV news.


“KISS’ official comic was printed in the band’s own blood.”


This one’s confirmed.  In 1977, the glam rock icons were photographed adding their blood to the vat of red ink that would later be used to print Marvel’s Super Special KISS comic book.  Why?  Why not.


“Meg and Jack are brother and sister.”

White Stripes

No way.  The White Stripes members may resemble one another but it’s purely coincidence.   In actuality, the rock and roll duo were formerly married to each other, but that’s as far as the family closeness gets.


“Gram Parson’s dead body was stolen and burned in the California desert.”

gram parsons

Well, this one depends on your definition of “stolen,” but yeah, before his coffin was to be shipped to Louisiana for burial, two of Parsons’ friends “re-routed” his body to the desert for cremation, as they believed he would have wanted.


WIN A PAIR OF TIX: Believe it or not, True Endeavors has been subject of some pretty wild rumors over the years as well, but we’re here to set the record straight.  Leave a comment with any and all stories that you may have heard about True Endeavors or its founder, Tag Evers, and we’ll let you in on the real scoop.  If you comment with a genuine piece of hot music gossip, you’ll be in the running to win a pair of tickets to any True Endeavors show of your choice between August 23rd and September 20th! (Click here to see who’s playing.) Get your comments posted by Friday, August 21st–we’ll choose a winner at that time. (Comments may be moderated- keep it PG 13 por favor).


2 Responses

  1. I heard that this fall’s quick-to-sell-out Sufjan show will be moved to a larger venue to accommodate a larger audience. True? Please?

  2. Really? That’s it? Well, forever hold your peace people!

    Sorry to disappoint Brandon but Mr. S is torturing his fans this tour by only playing venues that are a bit tight for his size. You’ll have to wait until next round.

    Good news is that you get to see any show of your choice on us between now & Sept 20! Woo-hoo!

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