Local Bands: You Can DIY

cassette tapes

As the age of major music labels comes to a close, more and more musicians are finding themselves in that highly-desired position of being in control of their artistic future.  Being able to steer your career exactly where you want it is a great thing, but not everyone is born knowing how to drive.  To help navigate those tricky roads, we’ve collected some helpful resources and inspiring DIY ideas to expose your music to the largest possible audience.


“H0w Do I Get Booking Agents To Take My Band Seriously?”

“7 Insider Tips On Getting More Gigs For Your Band”

Booking Basics

The Hard Truth


Milwaukee indie artist Pezzetttino accepted requests for personalized video performances in exchange for tour funds.

“50 Fundraising Ideas”


‘Twitter 101 for Musicians”

Get yourself on thesixtyone.com

Increase Your Fanbase


“Ten Recording Tips For DIY Bands”

Build a portable mic booth.

Where to record? And with whom?

“Preparing For A Vocal Recording Session”

Record and rehearse at the Madison Music Foundry


Have you already tried your hand at the self-promotion thing?  Share your thoughts on what works and what doesn’t.

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  1. […] https://trueendeavorsblog.com/2009/08/19/local-bands-you-can-diy/ « A very interesting discussion on the use and “professionality” of CDRs […]

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