Monday Concert Connection: Going Underground


There has been an all-too-familiar chill in the air these last few days.  While it’s not yet time to dig a burrow and start hibernating, let’s “go underground” this week with shows from garage punks The Spits, and Rootbeer‘s delicious danceable hip hop.  Read on to find out how you could win tickets to the shows.


Thursday, September 3


Genre: Punk, Garage Rock

Sounds Like: The Black Lips, The Mummies, Jay Reatard

“The Spits actually manage the not so easy trick of making it all their own and consequently they’ve pretty much single-handedly revitalized this thing of ours and paved the way for a completely new generation of maladjusted squids the go-ahead to squirt ink anew.”

Win A Pair Of Tix: Back in the heyday of UK punk, spitting (or “gobbing”) on a band while they were playing was a sign of supreme audience affection.  Though we’re certainly not suggesting that you coat The Spits with your spit, if you tell us your top 5 bands that you’d (hypothetically) pitch some phlegm towards, you might find yourself on the guest list for the show.

Show Info: 9:30pm The Frequency $10 adv $10 dos – 21+

ticket button


Friday, September 4

ROOTBEER featuring PIGEON JOHN and FLYNN ADAM with special guests AD of (THE CREST) and THE LAST HOPE

Genre: Hip Hop, Dance

Sounds Like: Atmosphere, Abstract Rude, J-Live

“The simple shortcut to that Rootbeer descriptive word puzzle could be something like ‘MGMT injected with some N.E.R.D and A Tribe Called Quest.’ As clearly evident in their lyrics and style, Flynn Adam and Pigeon John are unapologetic purveyors of popular culture.”

Win A Pair Of Tix: Since this hip hop duo’s name has us dreaming about creamy rootbeer floats, we’d like you to get creative for this contest.  Share a recipe for a delicious drink concoction.  Floats, shakes, smoothies, martinis…anything goes!

Show Info: 10pm ( doors 9pm ) High Noon Saloon $10 adv $10 dos – 18+

ticket button


Winners will be announced tomorrow (September 1st).

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