A.V. Austin Talks To The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart


Enjoy this interview with The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart courtesy of A.V. Austin.  Buy tickets now, and check out their show tomorrow night at The Orpheum Stage Door.


The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart has a precious name and a noisy sound that calls to mind bands like Black Tambourine, My Bloody Valentine, and The Wedding Present. In fact, the New York group supported the Wedding Present on a UK tour late last year, just before releasing its extremely solid self-titled debut on Slumberland Records. Now the ball is rolling: The band is set to play 10 shows during SXSW and will embark on an East Coast tour in April. Decider spoke with three out of the four members of The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart—singer-guitarist Kip Berman, bassist Alex Naidus, and keyboardist Peggy Wang—about good lyrics, the philosophy of noise, and getting signed by your favorite label.

Decider: You all started playing music together a couple of years ago, and you just released your first album earlier this year. Did your sound change much in the time between?

Kip Berman: I think our sound was similar to what it is now. I mean, we had a drum machine in the beginning and we were trying to figure out stuff, but we sounded like an early form of the band we are now.

D: Were you going for a specific sound with this album? Because critics compare you to a ton of different bands, some of which sound nothing like each other.

KB: I think there’s a philosophical connection between a lot of the bands that we pull comparisons to. Loud and noisy, but poppy. It’s like a general brotherhood. When we started the band we all liked lots of different kinds of music; I don’t think it was like, “Let’s start a band that sounds like Black Tambourine!” It was more like, “Let’s just play in a band that’s plays pop and is loud and is fun.”

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