Call The Sitter! Musical Respite For Mad-Town Parents (and similarly discerning adults)

KT Tunstall Photo Live in Concert Madison WI

Standing all night while your ears get blasted out in a grungy bar just to struggle out of bed and get to work the next morning might no longer fit your lifestyle.  Even still, we understand that responsibility doesn’t preclude the desire for the occasional live music experience (maybe even with a cold WI brew in hand).  Your rock-n-roll days don’t have to be over!

We’ve got a roster full of fall shows in preferred venues that offer reasonable decibel levels and fit in to a grown-up’s schedule.

Don’t let the kids have all the fun. Click to learn about some of these September shows.

Ramona Falls With Sleep Comes Down: Indie Rock
Thursday September 10 2009, 7pm early show, High Noon Saloon
“…unpredictable melodies and funky orchestral arrangements…” -Spin Magazine

Pieta Brown with Blake Thomas & Ellery: Singer/Songwriter
Friday September 11 2009, 7pm early show, High Noon Saloon, Buy Tickets
“…offbeat but dead-on phrasing and slightly skewed song structure, which combines with Ramsey’s pithy, supportive guitar work to create a beautiful vision of how roots music might fit comfortably into the modern world.” -Michael Ross

Tony Furtado with Josh Harty: Singer/Songwriter
Saturday September 12 2009, 6:30pm early show, High Noon Saloon, Buy Tickets
“He wisely plays to his strengths, often centering the songs on his exceptional instrumental skills without allowing them to steal the focus from his arrangements.” -Paste Magazine

Ellis Paul And Ari Hest: Singer/Songwriter
Sunday September 20 2009, 8pm, High Noon Saloon, Buy Tickets
…(Ellis Paul) featuring a combination of dexterously deep and smooth vocals as well as raw guitar ‘roots’ stylistics…” -Rolling Stone
“His (Ari Hest) songs are high-caliber and deeply heartfelt.” -Performing Songwriter

Brandi Carlile With Angel Taylor: Singer/Songwriter
Monday September 21 2009, 7:30pm, Barrymore Theatre, Buy Tickets
…roomy, dark-hued and bittersweet, with a firmness of purpose and pitch.” -New York Times

Sarah Borges And The Broken Singles: Singer/Songwriter
Tuesday September 22 2009, 7pm early show, High Noon Saloon, Buy Tickets
Nominee for 2009 Americana Music Award as a New and Emerging Artist

Built To Spill With Disco Doom: Indie Rock
Friday September 25 2009, 8:00pm, Barrymore Theatre, Buy Tickets
…a recombinant, joyous sound that has few modern equals” -Magnet

Mike Gordon (of Phish) With Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey: Jam Rock
Saturday September 26 2009, 8:00pm, Barrymore Theatre, Buy Tickets
Vocally, he sounds a bit like classic Steve Miller with a laid-back delivery and effortless melodicism that make these tunes breeze by…” -All Music Guide

Michael Franti & Spearhead: Indie Hip Hop
Sunday September 27 2009, 8pm, Wisconsin Union Theater, Buy Tickets
“Who says protest songs can’t be both fiery and fun?” -Entertainment Weekly

-Visit our music calendar to learn more about these artists and others-

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