Artists You Should Know (ticket giveaway and free mp3 download): The Most Serene Republic + Grand Archives

most serene republicgrand archives

These indie darlings are co-headlining what is sure to be an amazing show on October 5th.  Read on to find out how you could win tickets to the show, and pick up a free mp3 download from Grand Archives!


Monday, October 5, 2009 – 8pm

High Noon Saloon $10 adv and dos – 18+

ticket button

Genre: Indie, Rock, Pop

Sounds Like: Broken Social Scene, Band Of Horses, Rogue Wave

Free MP3 Download: Grand Archives – “Silver Among The Gold”

Win A Pair Of Tickets: If such a thing were to exist, tell us what your vision of what the world’s most serene community might look like.  Tell us about your own personal utopia and you could win a pair of tickets to the show!  Get your responses in by Tuesday, September 29th.  A winner will be announced shortly thereafter. Serenity now!

2 Responses

  1. I think a perfect utopia for me would consist of a world in which top 40 radio was unheard of. There would also be a strong sense of religious tolerance, very quaker-esque. Education would have a heavy focus on painting, and crayola crayoning. There would be even distribution of land, and people would sustain themselves via home gardens.
    Cheers to that haha.

  2. That sounds awesome, Paul! God, do I miss coloring! It all starts with a dream, right?

    Your response earned you a spot (+1) on the guest list for the show! Check your inbox for details. Thanks for reading!

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