Tuesday’s Live Concert Photos & Videos: Built to Spill with Disco Doom

Friday night at the Barrymore, Built to Spill blew into town and thrilled the large crowd that had gathered. Follow the link to see some photos of the boys from Boise, along with opener Disco Doom.  Two videos from the show, “The Plan” and “Carry the Zero,” can also be found after the jump.

008-Built to Spill

Disco Doom

001-Disco Doom

002-Disco Doom

003-Disco Doom

004-Disco Doom

Built to Spill

002-Built to Spill

003-Built to Spill

004-Built to Spill

005-Built to Spill

006-Built to Spill

007-Built to Spill

001-Built to Spill

009-Disco Doom

All photos © Copyright 2009 Bryan Gladding

Click HERE for more photos by Bryan Gladding (In the Muck Photos)
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