Ticket Giveaway: Julian Marley & The Uprising (10.25.09)

Julian Marley

There’s hardly a bigger name in the world of reggae than Marley.  The Barrymore Theatre will host not one but two members of this massively important musical family on Sunday night.  Julian Marley (and The Uprising) is set to take the stage for a show featuring brother Stephen following Early Vibes by Gully Bank Sound and a set from Javaughn.  If you’ve got your heart set on witnessing performances by some of the finest reggae artists in the world but aren’t exactly rolling in the dough, we’ve got an opportunity for you to win a pair of tickets to this can’t-miss show.

WIN A PAIR OF TICKETS: Those who buy tickets to this show will be helping to support a great cause: The Ghetto Youths Foundation, benefiting “underprivileged youths who fight the struggle to survive.”  Social justice has always been a central theme to the music of the Marley family.  Tell us what issue(s) are especially important to you.  In other words, if you went on tour, what charity would you want a portion of your ticket sales to aid, and why?  Get your comments posted by this Saturday, October 24th by 3:00 pm. A winner will be notified shortly thereafter.

3 Responses

  1. On the UW campus there are a lot of student orgs. Most are funded by money from the university through the Student Services Financial Commitee. This year they have denied funding for the Campus Womens Center. This is one of the most important groups on campus for the work they do and the safe haven they provide for women. If my band was on tour, hell, if i had any money, I would want it to go to save the the CWC. We need the CWC and what is does for the entire community.
    “The Campus Women’s Center was founded in 1983 to confront the multiple oppressions woman-identified individuals face. We work toward this goal by providing a variety of support services, educating the campus community on a number of women-centered issues, and serving as a resource and referral center for all students. We affirm and celebrate women’s power to create social change by challenging and transforming institutions and relationships that oppress women.

    Serving every student who walks through its doors, the CWC is committed to valuing each person, irrespective of sex, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, religion, ideas, ability, class, age, health, legal status, education, family structure, or any other aspect of one’s identity.”

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  3. Oh, um that was for the ticket giveaway for the Julian Marley show.

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