Brother Ali Ticket Giveaway Inspires Deep Thoughts

It’s no secret that some of the most intelligent, discerning music fans in the area routinely read and comment on our blog, and for this, we feel incredibly fortunate.  One of our goals in creating this blog was to provide a forum for discussion of a variety of topics that resonate with music lovers.  Naturally, it’s very exciting when such discussion breaks out.  This has been most recently evident when reading the comments posted in response to our recent Brother Ali ticket contest.

We asked readers to name someone “who has made great strides to promote social unity,” and we were overwhelmed with the positive messages promoted by people our readers introduced us to.  Though it was difficult to choose a winner among so many high quality, well-thought-out responses, we felt that a comment from reader and contest winner Bryan was especially powerful.

He wrote:

“…So now as a grown man with a preteen girl who walks around my world singing the hooks to Brother Ali songs mixed in with snippets of Rage Against the machine or Saul Williams , I am stunned to realize she is the new child of hip hop , the next wave of activist ,poet, color blind ,record lovin’ , great grandchild of Afrika Bambaataa. Without his influence on our culture and his tireless promotion of the four elements of hip hop, my daughter wouldn’t live in a world where a half blind albino Muslim, a Italian skater and graffiti writer from Venice Beach, and a black dude from Minnesota are going to be on stage 1.6 miles from our home in Madison…”

Read his complete response and other inspiring comments from contestants here.

In short, we want to express our thanks to our readers and all those who continually take the time to participate in such discussions.

Let’s keep the conversation flowing!

***Note:  Tickets are still available for Brother Ali’s show at the Barrymore (this Thursday, November 19th) but they’re going fast.  Get yours now.

3 Responses

  1. Thanks to all the participants and to Shelley for such a fitting contest.

    • Big thanks to you Tag and the whole True Endeavors crew for a great night at the Barrymore with Bro Ali. Brother Ali took the time to meet my daughter and sign her copy of his new record.
      Being that it was her first show it couldn’t have gone any better. She said she felt like a star when Tag told her Ali would like to meet her.Real cool Tag, I really appreciate that.

  2. Our pleasure Bryan…so pleased that you and your daughter could meet Ali, and enjoy the show on US!

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