Madison Week In Music + Ticket Giveaways: We Recommend…

Well, believe it or not, it’s a rare slow week for us here at True Endeavors.  We’re taking a bit of a break before next week’s highly anticipated BoDeans show at the Barrymore (get tickets here), but there’s still plenty of music to experience in Madison before then.  Here are a few of our recommendations for the days ahead:

Friday, December 18th:

80s vs. 90s Dance Party featuring DJ Amos Smith and DJ Fusion @ The Majestic 10:00 pm  Free ($5 if under 21)

We figured you might need to kick off your Winter boots, put on your dancing shoes and get rid of those holiday blues with some of the greatest dancing jams ever crafted…
Michael Jackson will be there. And so will Prince, Salt N Pepa, Madonna, MC Hammer, Bell Biv DeVoe and more!

Saturday, December 19th:

Underculture @ High Noon Saloon 6:30 pm  $5

Underculture is three men, with completely different backgrounds in music, joining together to produce music with a fresh new feel. Impossible to put into any one genre, Underculture may be best described as Tom Waits meets The Sex Pistols, or Donavon meets the Cramps, or Tom Jones meets the Circle Jerks. Seven Stone Weaklings consists of members from Aniv de la Rev, Faghat, So Dang Yang, and Shanghai Party Boss. In this project they perform covers of late ‘70s punk rock, as well as some originals.

Sunday, December 20th:

Kitty Rhombus @ High Noon Saloon  8:30 pm  $5

Kitty Rhombus plays noisy, angular, complex rock. They have been described as a geeky cross-wiring of Jesus Lizard abrasion and hip-twisting rhythms. lasco stroud opens the show.

Tuesday, December 22nd:

Blamm-O! @ High Noon Saloon 6:00 pm $5

BLAMM-O!’s mix of hard rock, punk, and pop with an underlying 60’s vibe is difficult to label. Polished and professional, Blamm-O! is firing on all cylinders and is eager to expand their bomb-blasting horizons. Explosive, exciting, and entertaining, BLAMM-O!’s live shows are always a crowd pleasing experience.

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