Get To Know Your Local Superhero: F. Stokes (+ mp3 love)

F. Stokes

F. Stokes

Born on the South Side of Chicago and raised in Madison Wisconsin, Rodney “F. Stokes” Lucas endured the extreme conditions familiar to the millions of American’s who have experience with America’s urban ghettoes.  F. Stokes, the eldest of six siblings, grew up in a single-mother household.  In F. Stokes case, the term “household” is a misnomer, as his childhood was characterized by frequent address changes, and a stint at a homeless shelter in Madison.

F. Stokes music depicts the stark and brutal realities of the impoverished urban experience.  However, F. Stokes chooses not to glamorize the circumstances of his upbringing.  Rather than capitalizing on the misconceptions of the modern black experience that have begun to dominate the hip-hop landscape, F. Stokes provides thoughtful insight into the plight of black men in our nation’s largest cities.  Through vivid imagery and skillful wordplay F. Stokes reinterprets the thematic traditions of the soul and blues movements for a new generation of music fans.  Beneath F. Stokes undeniable talent as a lyricist, he is driven by a deep sense of responsibility to promote progress and compassion with his music.

A defender and proud ambassador of the Madison music landscape, F. Stokes is truly a rarity; an artist who is not afraid to extend every inch of his soul to his dedicated Madison – and now global – fan base. Fresh off an 11 show Scandinavian tour which included stops in Denmark, Iceland and London, F. Stokes is no stranger to performing on an international platform- securing his first ever tour with DJ Rush of Australia. There he held live shows in Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide.  Though now a Brooklyn New York resident, F. Stokes still considers Madison not just a place of solace, but the only home he’s known.

Peace and Progress.

Download: F. Stokes & Lazerbeak, Blessings

Tonight: Check F. Stokes out live at the NYE Orpheum bash.

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