What Happened To Alberta Cross?

You may have noticed the disappearance of the Jan. 28 Alberta Cross date from our music calendar.  Despite the fact that the show is still listed on the band’s site, that section of the evening is officially cancelled.  They accepted an alternate gig in LA, something about a Grammy party.  Can’t imagine why they would choose LA over WI in Jan…but fear not, they’ll be back again.

Plus you can give your undivided attention to Hacienda with local opening talent El Valiente and Jeremiah Nelson.  The ticket is now only $5, the time is still 9pm, and the ages are 18+.  Hacienda is a very cool band who have been on tour with Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys, functioning as his backing band on his side project. Let’s show up and support them!

If you’re still hurtin’ Daytrotter recently held an Alberta Cross session so get it while it’s hot.  Hey, get yourself some Cymbals Eat Guitars while you’re at it.

Let the healing begin.

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