Times New Viking “Move To California” 7″ Giveaway + Free MP3 Download

Move To California

We’re completely geeking out over this Saturday’s Yo La Tengo show at The Barrymore (tickets here), but not just because of the legendary headliner.  Lo-fi rockers Times New Viking will open, and their cathartic live show is definitely a spectacle worth working yourself into a frenzy over!

For a sneak peek of what’s in store this weekend, read on to check out this killer new free download from the band:

Times New Viking – “Move To California”

Pretty cool, right?  Know what else would be cool?  Snagging a sweet four-song 7″ from the band.  Lucky for you, here’s your chance:

Leave a comment below telling us what would make you want to move to California.  It could be anything–sun, sea, sushi, Social Distortion–whatever!  A winner will be chosen and notified by this Friday, January 22nd, so get those responses in now.  Good luck!

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12 Responses

  1. I would totally move to California if Jawbreaker announced a reunion show for CA residents only….

  2. I’d move to California if there’s a girl out there with love in her eyes and flowers in her hair.

  3. I would move to California if winters would last at least 6 months out of the year. I would move there if they set off tornado sirens the first of the month. I would move to California if they would do something about all those forest fires and earthquakes. Most importantly, I would move to California if all my favorite local bands moved there.

  4. I would move there if someone offered a free beach house, rent free for life.

  5. californian girls

  6. I’d move to California in January for $2 and a cookie.

  7. I would be tempted to move to California if Jay-Z, LCD Soundsystem, Pavement, Fever Ray, Major Lazer, the xx, Thom Yorke, Vampire Weekend, Beach House, and Grizzly Bear were to play Coachella.

  8. I’d move to California just because they have a better live music scene (though this weekend’s music scene in Madison is pretty sweet!) and far more impressive scuba diving.

    And for the California Stars.

  9. Social Distortion concerts within easy travel distances really beat the over egoed mouse that infests southern Califonia. I still think Yosemite beats them all.

  10. I would move out to California if the rest of the planet was on fire.

  11. I would move to California if Bukowski were still alive, kicking and drinking.

  12. Great answers everybody! Elliot wins this one (major props for the Bukowski nod!), but we hope you’ll all keep checking back because more contests are in store! Thanks all.

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