Say Hey For Haiti Live From High Noon Saloon…Now

High Noon Saloon
Sat Jan 30:

It’s a good day for music, dancing and helping out our island neighbors! We’ll be posting show updates here as the benefit unfolds. Tune in to 89.9 WORT now to listen to the live broadcast, the phones at the station are ready to accept donations, (608) 256.2001 or online. Even better, come out to the High Noon Saloon to warm up and listen live!

12: 30: Mash’Allah Reggae playing now & Jamerica has arrived with hot food…

12:45: FRP broadcasting from High Noon Saloon balcony, donation calls are coming in!

1:00: NBC 15 News is here, Roots Collective is about to take the stage.

2:00: The Saloon is heating up, what an amazing collection of our community on the dance floor!

2:30: ABC 27 News is here, Tani Diakite about to begin.

3:30: Limanya is on stage with traditional Guinean drumming and…oh check-it, dancers are emerging from the green room….

4:30: The Handphibians have lined their drums up on stage, prepping for a set of Maracatu.

5:00: Tony Castaneda and band are getting set up on stage for the last set of the evening.  Don’t miss out folks!

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4 Responses

  1. Thanks to MJ for posting these on the blog as the benefit unfolded. Looks like we raised close to $5000 for Partners In Health!

  2. Wow! That’s huuuuge! Thanks to everyone who made a much-needed donation.

  3. Thanks for the opportunity to help. MASH’ALLAH enjoyed the event, it is a most worthy cause. Thanks for inviting InI. Thanks Partners in Health for putting together the benefit and thanks to WORT 89.9, Listener sponsored radio for their efforts. Namely Maggie and FRP, give thanks. Thanks also to all those who donated. What one gives one shall receive ten fold. Irie.

    One Love
    Princess Tafari

  4. […] for. 2010 was barely upon us when the earthquake struck Haiti. True Endeavors responded with Say Hey for Haiti,  joining hands with our good friends at WORT. We raised something like $10,000 for Partners In […]

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