Videos From Gene Ween’s Valentine’s Day Show

True Endeavors’ own Justin Kibbel is no stranger to recording great live musical moments—just check out his footage from Gene Ween’s recent show at the High Noon Saloon for proof:

Pezzettino opened the show…

Mr. Ween himself….

Thanks again to everyone who came out on this (rescheduled) evening of sweet, quirky, and fun tuneage.

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One Response

  1. it was to hedge their bets aginast the return of the Dem’s to power, but that doesn’t explain Madison.Their stations are horribly run as anyone who has experienced their automation going haywire to play two shows at once, run commercials over shows, etc.(frequently in the South where Bufords don’t notice). So perhaps that is the simple explanation for why advertisers trying to sponsor on the Madison station were never called back, or forced to place ads with receptionists, etc., as reported on Ed Shultz show.Or maybe it is part of the plan. However if it is a dirty trick then Ed needs to be even more concerned since it was the Clear Channel President who quit to form the company P1 that bought the Ed Schultz show.

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