Gomez Photos: Live and Thriving

“Just in from Chicago (and the UK), Gomez brought them running from miles around.  Last Friday The Majestic jumped like it never jumped before with yet another sold out performance. If it hadn’t been for The Maj’s (can I call you Maj?) signature balconies, the dance floor would have busted wide open.  One patron remarked that he wished to buy said balcony.  I suggested a time share.  Thanks in large part to the kindness of  this man, you will be seeing the sights you are about to see.  Follow me…

Friday Night Gomez @ The Majestic

I should probably thank the band too. Thanx guys.

One EskimO Opens

One EskimO vocals @ The Majestic

One EskimO Guitars @ The Majestic

two parts of One EskimO @ The Majestic

Gomez Takes Over

All In On Gomez @ The Majestic

Gomez guitars live @ The Majestic

leading lines to Gomez @ The Majestic

dance to Gomez live @ The Majestic

sing on Gomez live @ The Majestic

Gomez Catches A Flash @ The Majestic

How was that eh? Yessir they know how it’s done. You want more? Of course you do. This way and thank-ya kindly.”

(c) Christian Hansen 2010

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