Live Concert Photos: Har Mar Superstar

Har Mar Superstar Naked Power live @ The Annex

“This Har Mar guy is all about getting down. He’s about crashing the party all by himself, naked. Just try and hate on the half Jagermeister popstar, half male strip show…”  –Christian Hansen

If you weren’t at The Annex last Friday night, you missed quite a show, to say the least (unless of course, you were at The High Noon Saloon, where The Black Lips had an epic face melting party of their own). No, it wasn’t a dream.  We have proof.  Christian Hansen was there to shoot the dickens out of this sequined vision in gold, and his equally entertaining Madison-based openers, Shane Shane and Screamin’ Cyn Cyn and the Pons.


Boom live @ The Annex

Screamin T-Bone live @ The Annex


Heel On Wedge live @ The Annex


Har Mar Superstar Posters Live @ The Annex

Har Mar Superstar Merch live @ The Annex

Har Mar Superstar Hears You

Har Mar Superstar Facestand Live @ The Annex

Har Mar Superstar Corazon Live @ The Annex

Har Mar Superstar Vacuus Vestitus Live @ The Annex

Har Mar Superstar And You Live @ The Annex

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5 Responses

  1. highly entertaining show, to say the least, including the opening sets. great photos christian. you continue to impress.

    • thankyou thankyou, That dude is pure self confidence. Really amazing to see someone break into a scene where they wouldn’t normally be accepted because they don’t fit the usual bill of the popstar. His music isn’t the genre that I’m into, but this show was defiantly killer and he has allot of talent.

  2. That was an AWESOME show!!! Thank you True Endeavors for bringing midwest sexy back to Madison.

  3. […] the entire photo shoots here: Thao & Mirah, Har Mar Superstar, & Scout […]

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