Win Tickets To The Triple M Earth Day Concert With The BoDeans


The BoDeans are returning to Madison for a very special performance this Friday, April 16th at The Barrymore.  We’re teaming up with the always environmentally conscious 105.5 Triple M for an Earth Day Concert and CD release party with the band.   We’ve got all the details below, plus a chance to win a pair of tickets to the event.

105.5 Triple M Earth Day Concert with the BODEANS

Barrymore Theatre – 8pm $40 adv $45 dos – all ages

True Endeavors and 105.5 Triple M are pleased to announce the “105.5 Triple M Earth Day Concert with the BoDeans” set for April 16th at the Barrymore Theater.

“It is the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, and we wanted to create an exciting event while raising awareness for environmental issues,” said Pat Gallagher, Program Director of 105.5 Triple M. The event will also feature bike valet parking hosted by the Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin, making it simple and convenient for those who wish to bike to the concert.

105.5 Triple M has promoted and participated in green initiatives over the past 18 years. The Triple M Green Team is an environmental outreach program that offers several projects each month to participate in to make the community a better, cleaner place to live, work and play.

The BoDeans much anticipated 9th studio album, titled Mr. Sad Clown, will be released on April 6th, 2010 and $1 of every CD sold at the 105.5 Triple M Earth Day Concert will be donated to the Bike Federation of Wisconsin.

The BoDeans came to be when Kurt Neumann and Sammy Llanas teamed together in a unique singing and songwriting partnership in Waukesha, Wis., in 1983. The BoDeans have forged a signature sound based on heartfelt lyrics, passionate harmonies and ringing guitars. They have toured with U2 and played on Robbie Robertson’s self-titled debut solo album. The BoDeans became most well known for their 1993 hit, “Closer to Free” (theme song for the TV show Party of Five), which was one of the most played songs of radio that year, ranking in Billboard’s Top 10 and earning an ASCAP award.


WIN A PAIR OF TICKETS: In “Hell Of A Chance,” the BoDeans sing “Don’t say it’s too late now our time must allow/For a change in our ways.”  This is a sentiment that rings especially true as we approach Earth Day and think of what personal changes we can make for greener living.

There are many ways we can become more energy efficient and reduce waste in our daily lives.  We want to hear about whatever positive changes you will resolve to make this year, however big or small.  Post your ideas below and we’ll select and notify a winner tomorrow, April 15th.

Good luck!

NEWSLETTER RECIPIENTS: Check your inbox for another chance to win tickets to see the BoDeans!  Not signed up yet?!  What are you waiting for…do so here.


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3 Responses

  1. I use a metal water bottle all the time. I even use in a restaurant. And I scooter or bike when possible.

  2. We are very efficient at keeping lights off, recycling, and love to get as much natural sunlight in our apartment as possible. This winter my roomate and I invested in tons of blankets to use less heat and plan to not use AC and just open windows. We also love to bike and walk places because of the good exercise and reduced fuel emissions!!

    • Thanks for your responses, ladies! These are great ideas—little ways everyone can go green!

      Congrats Rachel, you won the tickets to the show. Check your inbox for details.

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