Because Sound Matters Wilco Giveaway

Because Sound Matters

Happy Record Store Day fellow audiophiles!  For the third year in a row, the coolest similarly-minded kids around the country are expressing their love of their favorite musical sanctuaries the only way they know how—by throwing some great parties!

There are a ton of events going on to mark the occasion right here in Madison.  We hope you’ll stop by our city’s awesome independent music retailers like B-Side Records, MadCity Music Exchange, The Exclusive Company, Sugar Shack Records, and Strictly Discs for live music, goodie bags and hot new releases. (Visit Record Store Day’s official website for more info.)

Here at True Endeavors, even though we don’t have a record store of our own, we are excited to offer a special giveaway to join in on the celebration, thanks to the generosity of the awesome folks at the online collectible store, Because Sound Matters.

Here’s an idea of what they’re all about:

For most of us who are serious about music, a trip to the record store became as important as seeing a band play live or maybe even starting a band. Discovering new albums and collecting records that we grew to love and every once in a while records we never thought we would be lucky enough to actually find.

 While the various digital mediums serve contemporary lifestyles and artists alike, there are few music experiences left for us that are as fun as holding a high quality record in our hands.

Because Sound Matters is “dedicated to offering you the highest quality and best produced vinyl records in the world, as well as curated vinyl rarities and exclusive limited editions and instant collectibles.”

They are donating a vinyl copy of Wilco’s brilliant debut album, A.M., to a lucky blog reader.  All you have to do to enter to win is leave a comment telling us what your favorite local record store is, and what you love about it; maybe reflect on some of your favorite albums that you’ve discovered while leafing through their racks.

We’ll pick a winner on Tuesday, April 20th.  Good luck!

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14 Responses

  1. B-Side Records is the best! They’re responsible for my best birthday present ever. While waiting in line on a November afternoon, I overheard a conversation between the clerk and a British dude. Soon I realized that it was the famous Johnny Marr who was in town touring with Modest Mouse. After some prodding on my part, he offered to put me and a friend on the list!

    Band of Skulls & Alberta Cross are some recent favorites…the staff is always there to offer suggestions. Thanks B-Side!!

  2. Amoeba Records in Hollywood is the best record store! Not only is it music collector heaven, but the people working there can give you super fantastic recommends whenever you ask. In addition, my middle school teacher worked there after class, so that was always cool when I was younger.

    I stumbled upon my first Wolf Eyes album there, which severely changed my taste in music. Also, thank you to whoever introduced me to Blonde Redhead there so many years ago. 🙂

  3. Mad City Music X is an awesome record store because they have an amazing selection of records for crazy low prices. i got 3 Velvet Underground records for $10 a piece!!!

  4. Strictly Discs is where it’s at. They have an awesome and ever expanding vinyl collection, and they’re kind enough to send out an email when they get new collections in. If they don’t have it in stock, they can usually get it for you within about a day from on of their distributors, too. The staff is awesome, and how can you beat a free beer while browsing records?!

    The first time I walked into the store a few years back, I overheard an employee discussing the new Bon Iver album that had just arrived today. I picked it up too, and have been a huge fan ever since.

  5. Dr. Strange Records, a small and hidden punk record store in Rancho Cucamonga, Cali, is one of the best record stores I’ve ever been to in my life. The staff is extremely knowledgeable in the genre and the same guy who sold me my first Rudimentary Peni album is the same one who fitted me for my first pair of Docs (when my feet were still the small 14-year-old size). It’s like a family, that store.

    When I was still pretty young, I would ride my bike six miles to get to that store, where a cup of water and a chair were waiting for me. I’d just spend the whole day browsing and listening to the music.

    I discovered Das Oath, The Make-Up, and so many more artists that I still listen to today. Although I started getting into more genres as I got older, I won’t forget the roots!

    • Ahh The Make Up! Nice! They were suggested to me by a friend and I later picked an album of theirs up at B-Side — one of my favorites. It’s small, but somehow their selection always seems bigger than most other stores.

      Actually, now that I think about it, the same friend that suggested I listen to The Make Up was visiting last fall and I took him to B-Side to have a look around. He was so SO excited to see their extensive collection of John Zorn albums as well as other rarities.

      I’m also a big fan of Mad City Music Exchange. Their imports are very reasonably priced and it’s hard to beat their selection of used vinyl, if you ask me.

      • The Make Up will ALWAYS be in my top ten. You can’t go wrong when you throw one of their albums on. It’s good tunes for anything. 🙂

  6. Its like I just died and entered Record Heaven. If you are a self-proclaimed record junkie, this is the place for you. Yes, a dream can actually come true. The place and ambiance is totally awesome if you love that industrial, artist-style old school Hollywood/New York lofts. Seriously this is the place to experience the “entire experience.” Dirty hipsters walking about with their expensive coffee from next door, and all. If you are into the whole Beatnik thing like I am, you’ll totally understand! The record selection is amazing, nicely cataloged (you’d be surprised its not a library). You think you know your Vinyls? Wait till you step inside this amazing place. Excellent selection of rock, jazz, soul, folk, psychedelic, punk LP’s, crisp plastic sleeves, great packaging etc. I don’t have much to say about the staff, but the collection itself is to die for. If you’ve been trying to find that obscure vinyl of the century, head over to Georgetown Records for your next excavation endeavor! You’ll never know what you’ll find!

  7. Forgot to add 🙂
    Nevertheless, I got my hands on Belle and Sebastian’s “The Boy With the Arab Strap” and Brian Eno’s “Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy)”. Not too obscure 😉

  8. No winner yet? Or did I obviously not win? haha

    • Ugh, this was a hard one to pick a winner for! So many fun responses and cool stories.

      Scott will be the recipient of the Wilco LP, but we want to thank you ALL for your participation. We frequently have ticket giveaways and offer free mp3 downloads, so we hope to see you back.

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