Soundcheck Sessions: Murder By Death

Murder By Death are currently touring behind their amazing 5th album, Good Morning, Magpie.  They will be giving Madison a taste of the new album live tonight at the High Noon.

Adam Turla gave us a few minutes of his pre-performance time to perform an intimate acoustic version of “On The Dark Streets Below” from the new album.  Check out this exclusive acoustic video for a taste of what Madison has in store for them tonight.

Doors are now open with openers Linfinity and Ha Ha Tonka to take the stage soon!

Keep your eyes peeled for more True Endeavors “Soundcheck Sessions” coming soon.

-Video by Justin Kibbel

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4 Responses

  1. Aw Justin I’m giddy with excitement FOR YOU! I know you just adore this band, and to be able to experience an intimate performance like that must have been a dream come true. So cool! Thanks for sharing it! Great job.

  2. I share in the giddiness, and am immensely pleased that you got to do this. MbD are one of my faves as well. Great job, Justin.

    (And a special shout out to MJ as well.)


  3. I already commented on some of your YouTube videos, but thought it’d be wise to seek out the source and thank you for posting those here as well.
    It’s definitely appreciated.
    That was quite the show, glad I went.

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