Henry and Glenn: Punk Icons Together At Last

Henry and Glenn

I’ve never really been one for comics, but I’ll be damned if this doesn’t look fantastic.  Yup, it’s just what it looks like: punk heroes Glenn Danzig and Henry Rollins have been thrust together in a comic book love affair for us to geek out over.

Says ex-Sleater-Kinney member and NPR contributing blogger Carrie Brownstein:

What I appreciate about the idea of Henry and Glenn Forever is that it goes beyond the tired and obvious bromance genre. We all know that bros love their bros. But this time around, Rollins and Danzig are re-imagined not just as punk icons, but as gay ones. Yes, it’s a funny idea, and it plays into the inherent homoeroticism of early mosh-pit man piles, but it also acknowledges that just as fans are at the mercy of our idols’ creative whims, musical heroes and legends are also subject to the imaginations of the listeners.

Read Carrie’s full post here.

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  1. I love this post.

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