Moonalice CD and Poster Book Giveaway + Free MP3 Download


We’re proud to present this traveling band of peaceful, generous, and wildly creative free spirits at the High Noon Saloon this Sunday, May 30th.  Moonalice may still be a new name to some, but their addictive sounds and refreshing philosophies are sure to quickly win over the hearts of Madison’s music appreciators.  Read on to find out more about Moonalice, download their new single, “It’s 4:20 Somewhere,” and find out how you could win some very cool goodies.

Sunday, May 30, 2010


High Noon Saloon – 8pm – $10 adv $12 dos – 21+



Moonalice is a band of hippie musicians from California with no label, no manager, no publicist, no problems, and lots of fans. With John Molo on drums, Barry Sless on lead guitar, Pete Sears on keyboards and bass, Ann McNamee on keyboards, and Chubby Wombat on guitar and bass, Moonalice is committed to taking the business out of music. Moonalice invented Twittercast concerts, which are free broadcasts to fans over social networks. The band’s eponymous first album was produced by T Bone Burnett. Its second album, Free is available only over the web and only for free. Moonalice grew up with Elvis and practices freedom of speech every day.



Moonalice – “It’s 4:20 Somewhere”


Yup, these guys are all about giving.  In addition to giving away free concert posters to their show attendees, they’ve generously donated 4 copies of their first album (Moonalice) and poster book to be offered to our blog readers.  Want the swag? We’ll make this one easy—just be one of the first 4 people to post a comment below, and we’ll send you a copy of each.

We’ll see you at the show!

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6 Responses

  1. im im!


  2. Absolutely. What a great giveaway. These guys are gnarly.

  3. I used to love watching G.E. Smith play on Saturday Night Live back in the day. this should be good!

  4. well it is already past the concert date, but hopefully if you’re reading this you were at the show … if not, get to a show soon. great music, great posters and very friendly band members who are more than willing to spend time talking to their fans.

  5. I would greatly appreciate a copy of the Moonalice album and posterbook if it is still available. thank you – cheers!

  6. Damn.
    I’m number 6 to comment.

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