Artists You Should Know: CocoRosie + Free Mp3 Download


CocoRosie have always trod a path of stubborn individuality, often encompassing a child-like innocence and a simultaneous desire to pick away at the scabs which sit delicately over taboos.

–Robert Ferguson,

Sisters Sierra and Bianca Casady, most famously known as the electro-indie freak folk duo CocoRosie, will bring their delightfully quirky, sweet, and downright trippy sounds to The Barrymore Theatre on Saturday, June 19th.  These two are nothing short of fascinating, and we know that this show will entertain, challenge, and inspire all in attendance.

If you’re a fan of artists like Bjork, Devendra Banhart, Bat For Lashes, Animal Collective, Lykke Li or Xiu Xiu, then this show is for you!

Read on to grab tickets, a free download, and find out more about these unforgettable sisters.

Saturday, June 19 2010


Barrymore Theatre – 8pm – $20 adv $22 dos – all ages



CocoRosie – “Lemonade”




The luminously lovely indie folk-tronic duo CocoRosie consists of the Casady sisters, vocalist/guitarist/harpist Sierra and vocalist/percussionist Bianca. Both sisters had an early love of music that they pursued as they grew up, albeit in different ways: Sierra began operatic vocal training while she was in high school, while Bianca sang and wrote songs but kept them to herself. That is, until she reconnected with Sierra, who joined Bianca at her Paris apartment, and they started playing and recording songs together.

The fruits of their labor, La Maison de Mon Reve, was released in spring 2004 by Touch and Go and was predated by a string of dates in New York with Devendra Banhart, the Gena Rowlands Band, Battles, and Ratatat. Their second album, Noah’s Ark, which featured cameos by Devendra Banhart and Antony of Antony and the Johnsons, arrived in fall 2005.  2007’s The Adventures of Ghosthorse and Stillborn was a more polished but still eclectic effort.

The following year they released the single God Has a Voice, She Speaks Through Me, which also appeared on 2010’s Grey Oceans. Inspired by the sisters’ travels through Europe, Australia and South America, the album was released by Sub Pop.

–Heather Phares,




Grey Oceans isn’t short on tracks both catchy and cerebral: “The Moon Asked The Crow” combines baroque piano noodling with a thumping, body-moving hip-hop beat, while “Lemonade” mashes together eerie, dreary techno balladry with a softly orchestral chorus.

–Chris Mincher, A.V. Club


The sisters are to pop what Carter was to literature, too, spinning nightmare fairy-tales in voices ethereal (Sierra) and beautiful-grotesque (Bianca), to a fantastical blend of hip-hop, nursery lullabies, opera and shaman ritual song.

–Maddy Costa, The Guardian, UK


Listening to CocoRosie has always felt like eavesdropping on your crazy neighbors. You draw up close to the wall and hear all those muffled thumps and shrieks, and you draw all kinds of conclusions. When it grates on you, you think things like, “What is that, a mound of feral cats in a wind tunnel?” But when it draws you in, like those crazy neighbors, you call around to friends, you tell them they have to hear this crazy shit.



Based between Paris and Williamsburg, New York, sisters Bianca “Coco” and Sierra “Rosie” Casady have pursued a studied sort of oddity that has entranced some just as it has bemused others – a hodgepodge of folk, blues and cabaret unafraid to mess with racial or gender roles, or toy with pastiche in its pursuit of hallucinogenic, cracked-mirror creativity.

–Louis Pattison, BBC Music


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2 Responses

  1. To my ears, Lemonade was the immediate standout track on the new album. Cannot wait to see these two live. Expecting a BEAUTIFULLY STRANGE show.

  2. […] the first time around, you can find out more about CocoRosie (and download some free tunes) here, here, and […]

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