Dandy Warhols Frontman Attempts To Volunteer In BP Oil Spill Cleanup To No Avail

Courtney Taylor-Taylor

Frustrated by the lack of response and general hoop-jumping he was recently made to go through in order to become involved in the BP oil spill cleanup effort, singer, songwriter, guitarist, and all around splendid gentleman Courtney Taylor-Taylor just posted the following on The Dandy Warhols’ official site:


I called two different places whose numbers were listed in the paper down here “if you would like to volunteer”.

The first one said they didn’t have anything for me and told me to ask local people if they knew anyone to ask. The second told me that all of the cleanup jobs were paid positions hired by BP and I’d have to apply for one if I wanted to help. Wtf?!!! No wonder there are maybe tens or hundreds of thousands of dying birds/fish/animals etc and maybe tens or dozens of people working to save them.

Anyhoo, they took my info and said if I was interested in helping out around an office they would give me a call. I said “sure, do it”, but its been days and they seem to have blown me off.

Idiots rule.



We applaud your good intentions, Court.  Don’t give up the fight.


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3 Responses

  1. reminds me of sean penn’s frustration after Katrina. perhaps if we can’t help in the gulf, we can all take a look at weaning ourselves from our dependency on oil. a small step by one, millions of miles by many.

  2. Absolutely applaud good intentions, but to be fair, if you don’t have hazmat training, there’s probably not much you can really do on the ground. That’s some nasty stuff in the water and I think BP has plenty of trouble as it is without getting volunteers sick. It’s sad that people who want to help so desperately simply can’t due to the nature of the materials they’d have to deal with. I’m sure lots of people have offered to help and got stuck in an office, so there probably aren’t many office jobs left to be taken.

    Big thumbs up to the previous comment re: weaning ourselves from oil! I’ll add that,since I doubt that will happen soon, and more drilling will occur, how about we require that a relief well be drilled at the same time as the main one? You know, just in case. BP had that option, but declined to take that precautionary measure because it would have cut into their profits. Other countries require it.

  3. F*&% BP and their profits…so steaming mad about their malfeasance. Yes, we should require a relief well and much more from these bastards,

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