Landon Pigg Live From Studio M

Landon Pigg

Before heading over to the High Noon for tonight’s performance, singer/songwriter Landon Pigg stopped by our friends at 105.5 Triple M to record a session in Studio M.  True Endeavors was on hand to get you a preview of the beautiful melodies you have in store for you at tonight’s show.   Tickets are still available at the door!  Check back with Triple M for more videos from the Studio M session soon!  Read on to learn more about this talented artist and check out a video from his Studio M Session.

Landon Pigg has been surrounded by music from a young age.  His father was a session singer in a studio, and got Landon and his siblings some of their earliest singing gigs doing jingles.  He used the musical influences of Rufus Wainwright, Radiohead, and the Beatles, and released his first album, Demonstration, at the age of 19.  Landon’s second album, LP, started to garner him the attention of an audience beyond the coffee shops in Nashville.  In 2007, Landon’s (then unreleased) song “Falling In Love at a Coffee Shop” was used in a DeBeers Christmas ad campaign as well as a heartfelt AT&T commercial.  People took notice and iTunes downloads of the song took off.

Landon’s 3rd album, The Boy Who Never Knew, was released in September of 2009, and since then he has been busy touring as well as dabbling in an acting carreer.  In the Drew Barrymore-directed roller derby movie Whip It, Landon played Ellen Paige’s rock star love interest and contributed a song to the soundtrack.  You can also find him and Lucy Schwartz doing their song “Darling I Do” on the recent Shrek Forever soundtrack.

-words and video by Justin Kibbel

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